Conditions of entry for Outside In and online gallery

Conditions of entry for an online gallery with Outside In

This is about what you need to agree with to create an online gallery on the Outside In website. You are aware that:

We support artists who feel that they face barriers to the art world. This could be because you have a health problem or a disability. We can also help you if you have experienced difficulties in your life or if you have felt like you are alone. 

Your images can be seen by anyone online. Outside In cannot stop people re-using your images for their own use.

Outside In will not give your details to anyone else without us contacting you about this first, to see if you are happy with it.

Your online gallery has a comments section. This is where people can write what they think about your art work. Hannah who works at Outside In checks these comments every week, and they are then sent on to you by post or email. Outside In cannot take responsibility for anything written that you do not like and we do remove negative comments as this is not acceptable. You can ask us to completely remove your comments section no one can write anything, if that’s what you would like.  

If we choose your artwork to be in an Outside In exhibition, you need to make sure that the actual art work is available for the whole time that the exhibition is on for. This means that the art work can stay displayed until the exhibition finishes. We cannot display a print of the artwork unless it was made in this way.

Outside In may use images of your artwork, with your name mentioned, (at no fee) for its social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

You will be added to the Outside In mailing list, either by email or post.

If you want to delete your online gallery, you will need to contact Hannah Whitlock on 01243 770 845.

You can make an artwork available for sale on Outside In website. The price is shown on the online shop only, and we can chat to you about the price if you want the support. You do not have to sell your work if you do not want to. Outside In will take a 30% commission plus VAT, but this will be added on to the price of your work .


What is commission?

Commission is an amount of money that goes to Outside In so we can put on exhibitions and help artists.  

Outside In will deal the payment with the buyer if they like your work. We will get the money to you (or to someone else if you do not have a bank account) within four weeks of us receiving money from the buyer.  

If you choose to sell your work through the online shop, Outside In has no responsibility for the impact any payment of sales could have on your benefits or if you need to pay tax.


What are benefits?

Benefits are money you get from the government because you are unable to work. You may need to tell the government if you have sold a piece of work so then they can work out if they need to pay you money.


What is tax?

Everyone who works pays tax. Tax is an amount of money taken away from money you make.  This money goes towards keeping England a safe place for everyone.  If you sell a piece of work, it may mean you need to pay tax on that amount.


 If you are not sure what this means, please get in touch with Hannah Whitlock on 01243 770 845.