Conditions of entry for Outside In and online gallery

Outside In Artist Agreement

This form contains the terms for joining Outside In and creating an online gallery on the Outside In website. 

• We support artists who feel that they face barriers to the art world. This could be because they have a health problem or a disability, are socially isolated or otherwise unable to take part in the art world. 

• Outside In will not give your details to anyone else without us contacting you first unless necessary and in line with our Confidentiality and Safeguarding Policies*.

• Outside In will not disclose the reasons why you wish to join the charity.

• Outside In cannot stop people re-using your images for their own use. Your images can be seen by anyone online.

• Your online gallery has a comments section. This is where people can write what they think about your artwork. Outside In staff check the comments weekly and they are sent to you by post or email. Outside In will remove any negative comments and you can also ask us to remove your comments section. 

• Outside In may use images of your artwork, with your artist name, (at no fee) for its social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

• You will be added to the Outside In mailing list, either by email or by post, unless you choose to opt out.

• If you want to delete your online gallery, you will need to contact Outside In by email at or by phone on 01243 770 845

• If you enter work for an Outside In exhibition and it is selected  you need to make sure that the art work is available for the whole time that the exhibition is on. Outside In will help with the framing and transporting of your work as necessary.

• Your artwork can be available for sale on the Outside In website, at its exhibitions and at art fairs. (We can provide you with advice on setting the price for your work.) You do not have to sell your work. If you sell your work Outside In will take a 30% commission on top of the price you set for your work.

What is commission?

Commission is a percentage of the price you set for your work. Outside In’s commission goes to support its work with excluded artists.

• If you sell your work Outside In will organise collecting the payment and the delivery of the work. Any transportation costs will be paid by the purchaser. We aim to get your money to you (or to someone else if you do not have a bank account) within four weeks of us receiving payment.

• If you choose to sell your work, Outside In has no responsibility for the impact any payment of sales could have on your benefits or personal tax liabilities.

What are benefits?
Benefits and tax credits are payments from the government to certain people on low incomes, or to meet specific needs. You may need to tell the benefit agency if you sell any work.

What is tax?

Everyone who works pays tax. Tax is an amount of money taken away from the money you earn or make. This money goes to the government to help run the country and provide services. If you sell a piece of work, it may have an impact on the money you pay as tax.

If you are unsure about anything in the agreement and have a carer or guardian that you would like us to contact, please let us know below.

To talk through the agreement in more detail or to get advice please contact Outside In and ask to speak to our Artist Development Coordinator Hannah Whitlock on 01243 770 845 or

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