Outside In and The Arts Society South Downs are delighted to announce a new bursary designed to support artists’ practice and development. This bursary, of up to £500 a person, will be available for artists to apply for annually for the next ten years from 2019 until 2029.

Who can apply?
Applications can be made by Outside In artists who:
• Are currently based in Hampshire or Sussex, UK
• Have the right to work in the UK
• Are actively making art work
• Clearly meet the Outside In criteria/Are an Outside In artist
Applications will not be accepted if:
• The artist is not an Outside In artist or does not meet the Outside In artist criteria (artists will have to join Outside In to apply for the bursary to evidence that they meet our criteria)
• The artists live or work outside Hampshire or Sussex, UK

What can the bursary fund be used for?
Outside In artists can apply for amounts up to £500 to support their professional development of the furthering of their artistic career.
This might include, but is not limited to:
• Submission costs to enter competitions
• Learning new skills by accessing training
• Mentoring or coaching sessions
• Research projects which are related to the artist’s practice
• Visiting national or international conferences, exhibitions, organisations, or any places that may be relevant to your practice.
• Project start-up costs
• Networking with organisations or artists

Click here for details on how to apply