Outside In artist annual questionnaire

This year’s Outside In artist questionnaire is now live. It offers a key opportunity to share your thoughts, feedback and suggestions to help shape the work the charity does.

This year the theme of the questionnaire is ‘impact’ – both focusing on the difference Outside In has made to you and how you think it could improve its support for artists facing barriers to the art world. 

The questionnaire is four questions long and should take no more than 15 minutes.

Click here to take part in the online questionnaire – if you are supporting an artist or would rather reply by post, please download the hard copy below.

If you need some support to complete the questionnaire, please contact Hannah Whitlock by calling 01273 381311 or emailing: hannah.whitlock@outsidein.org.uk

About Outside In’s artist annual questionnaire:

The artist’s voice is at the heart of the charity and it is vital for that voice to be heard through Outside in’s work. Each year the questionnaire will have a particular theme or focus with guidance and advice by the artist advisory group.

The artist annual questionnaire is part of a new model for consulting with its wider artist body providing a bottom up means for the artists’ voice to be heard and to be able to inform and guide its strategic development.

The annual questionnaire will be sent to all Outside In artists which will be fed up to the artist advisory group which will in turn be fed up to the Outside In board by its artist trustee’s.