Share Art

Share Art enables artists to present and share their art work to an audience of peers through a presentation of digital images of their work. Share Art is designed to be accessible to a range of artists, it provides an important means for artists to show their work, receive feedback and validation.

Outside In offers support to artists who would like to take part in Share Art, this can include helping to select work and prepare their presentations.

Share Art sees a total of 12 artists show up to ten images of their art work on a PowerPoint presentation. Taking part enables artists to hone curating skills by selecting work which represents their current practice or their artistic journey. It also offers a chance to gain and build skills in public speaking, in turn increasing confidence – both in general and in their art work – as well as in their ability to talk about it in front of an audience. Artists will also have a chance to network and meet fellow artists during a tea break and after the event.

There will be opportunities for artists to take part in Step Up: Talking about your art work training prior to Share Art events.

If you are interested in hosting a Share Art event at your venue or would like to find out more, please contact artist development coordinator Hannah Whitlock on or call 01273 381311

‘Thank you for Outside In Share Art event. It was a thoroughly enriching experience, both as a speaker and a listener. I found that the hospitality and atmosphere you provided was really special and at times moving, and I think you created a feeling which encouraged people to be sensitive, open, honest and authentic – no mean feat!  

It was clear that the power of art in people’s lives could not be under estimated and there were a wide variety of artist’s speech delivery and its credit to you that you responded in a kind, flexible and encouraging way and appeared genuinely interested and enthusiastic.

For me (and others) the process of making art is profoundly personal and at time I find it hard to articulate that particular journey, but with the support of Outside In initiatives I have developed my social repertoire and have grown in self-esteem and confidence. ‘

Jess Levine, Outside In artist