Environments FAQs

Outside In is excited to announce details of its next national open call out exhibition. ‘Environments’ will open this autumn at the prestigious Piano Nobile Gallery, Kings Place, and will showcase the work of up to 80 Outside In artists.

Here are answers to common questions about the exhibition and how to submit your work to it. Please click on the questions to see answers.

‘Environments’ is an opportunity for you to explore your own perspective on space, place and location. Inspiration could come from your immediate environment, a global perspective or ideas about what future environments might look like, or how they might be experienced.

Application deadline: 12 noon on 19 August 2019
Exhibition dates: 28 October 2019 to 1 January 2020

The artwork will be chosen by a panel of selectors. Three prize winners will be chosen by a panel of judges. The selectors and judges will be announced shortly. 

You can enter up to four artworks. These can be in any form.

To enter your artwork to the exhibition, log in to your gallery, or sign up and create one.
Once logged in, find a piece of artwork you would like to enter – this can be an artwork that you’ve already uploaded or you can add a new one. From your gallery, click on the piece you want to enter and fill in the form underneath the image and then press ‘Save’.

The opportunity is open to artists based in the UK and Republic of Ireland who have an Outside In online gallery and fit the criteria of the charity.

You must be an Outside In artist to enter and the work must fit the environments theme. Artwork can be in any form and there are no size restrictions, however please be aware that very large artworks may not be able to be hung in the gallery space. Artwork must be able to be hung or fixed to a wall.

Artists can submit up to four artworks to be considered by a panel of selectors who will be rating the artworks anonymously. The sectors will be rating the artwork by looking at questions which will include: ‘Does the artwork relate to the theme?’ ‘Can this artwork be fixed to a wall?’ ‘Are you interested in the artwork?’

When entering work you will be asked to include high quality photographs of the work and information including the title, dimensions, a description of the work and if it needs framing.

Please see this document for advice:

Outside In will be holding a series of events to assist anyone who needs support to upload and submit their work.

Event dates and details will be shared here – https://outsidein.org.uk/news-events/ – alternatively contact Hannah Whitlock or Cornelia Marland on 01273 381311.

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