Outside In Surgery Day’s

Artists in Mind (AiM) in Huddersfield held their own Surgery Days, with the help of Amy that works there, over the past couple of months. Please take a look at their pages and leave comments if you wish.

AiM is a charity using the arts to support individuals experiencing acute and enduring mental ill health.

The service offers more opportunities for those with concerns about their mental health to participate in a wide range of creative activities – and now in both North and South Kirklees. This year AiM will be 10 years old. It will be an occasion to celebrate the contributions of all those which helped to make AiM the thriving and successful studio that it is. AiM’s studios will be open to showcase the work of their artists past and present:



Sarah Jean Morris


Amanda R

David B

Rachel S

Vicky D

Serena Y



Karen A


James D

S Parnell

Justin H

Martin T

Sean G


For more information about AiM visit: www.artists-in-mind.org.uk/


Image: Paul, Windows

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