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Featured work - Chosen by Irene Santoro

The use of colours of many Outside In artists is breath-taking. Colour can convey so much: passion, movement, excitement, happiness and sorrow.  More than line and drawing, colour speaks to me about emotion, feeling and the artist’s journey.

Featured work – Chosen by Stuart Crewes

The journeys that some artists have come are quite amazing and the way they have developed their work through these experiences are quite uplifting and inspiring. I found myself quite immersed in some pieces and totally captivated by the worlds conjoured therein.

Artist of the Month: June 2019 - Hassan Sheikh

It was hard when I came here to communicate. For me my artwork is of history, the pieces I make are something that has happened, when I look back I can remember it – it is like a diary for me.

Now we have technology people take pictures on their smartphones but they never print them, art is different, I hope my work will inspire people to frame things.

I can’t use computers or do anything with online, without painting I wouldn’t have this chance – it is something amazing for me.