Dewi Cary talks about his project ‘Ending’

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Ending is no less than the beginning. Cary’s film piece marks the start of an artistic discussion with mental health; it instigates conversations around this prominent social topic, and provides a space of empathy to those in the outside world. The artist’s work approaches mental vulnerabilities in a manner that encourages his audience to stop and think, to examine the associated fragilities with heightened awareness and acceptance.” Red, Blue, Green – Essay extract on Dewi Cary’s Moving Image Work ‘Ending’ (2017), Written by Charlotte Bradley

My name is Dewi Cary, I am a Dyslexic artist with long-term mental health issues. I use moving-image to create films, video art and installations in addition I create performances, drawings and paintings.

dewi 5

Dewi Cary. Photo credit: James Paddock

My work explores concepts of the conscious and the sub-conscious and how we might move between the borders of the mind and of the physical world itself. This encompasses my personal perception of the world how I view it, and what society reflects back onto the individual.

Creativity has provided me a route to recovery by self-expression so I can bridge the gap between my own mental illness and objective reality by aspiring to make exceptional art and provoke new ways of seeing.

Art is a way for me to express my own mental health issues, particularly depression in a unique and positive way and by sharing these experiences with audiences to challenge their preconceived perceptions of mental health.

I believe that people with mental health problems should be valued for their strengths, insight and creativity and that when they are, everyone benefits.

With funding from Arts Council England and the support of professional artists, leading creative practitioners and creative/disabilities organisations I have recently created a new body of work ‘Ending’ including a video installation and a panoramic photographic print.


Dewi with his video installation. Photo Credit: James Paddock

Ending panoramic print

Credit: Dewi Cary


Credit: Dewi Cary (detail)

dewi 4

Dewi with his panoramic image. Photo credit: James Paddock

The artworks create an emotive experience by placing the viewer into my position – embodying me and seeing the world from my perspective.

By using quality art to critically engage and evoke the emotions of the viewer by allowing them to evolve empathy and meaning from the work, I hope this will lead to a greater understanding of depression and mental health.

I will create atmosphere and define/convey different emotive feelings in audiences by using different editing techniques and colour grading effects.

I want to celebrate difference by proving that someone who has depression and mental health problems can make exceptional art to provoke new ways of seeing, and are valued for their creativity and not their mental health condition.

‘Ending’ is supported by public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England.


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