Holiday Photographs Translated into Painting

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This latest blog post is written by Outside In artist Andy Crosbie, who makes paintings of his holiday photographs.

“One of the subjects I regularly make paintings of are the photographs I have taken during my holidays to a variety of different countries in mainland Europe.


Andy Crosbie, Sunset

At first I started experimenting a bit with paints and pastels to represent the sunsets I had experienced. These include a sunset over the North Sea from the Dutch town of Zandvoort in North Holland while I was visiting in the spring of 2014. This was painted in Acrylic. Another sunset I have chosen to feature is the sunset over the village of Sankt Gilgen on the shores of Lake Wolfgang in the “Salzkammergut” region of Austria, which I visited in 2013. I chose to do this one in pastels as the colours were much softer.


Andy Crosbie, Sunset

As well as the sunsets I have also produced several pictures of different city locations throughout the continent, each featuring the differences in landscapes; from the skyscrapers in Frankfurt I visited in summer 2016, to more laid back canal side houses found in Amsterdam and Venice in spring 2014 and 2017 retrospectively. Using both acrylic and watercolors I have managed to capture all of these locations and their vibrant colours.


Andy Crosbie, Frankfurt

Other subjects I have regularly worked on include the lakes and mountains found within Alpine parts of the continent – like in Austria, Bavaria, and Switzerland, and in parts of France and Italy. I visited the French Alps at Lake Geneva in summer 2015, where I produced this painting of one of the steamers up close.

Dutch Bulb Field

Andy Crosbie, Dutch Bulb Field

As my trips have taken place at different times of the year, I have managed to do some seasonal pieces of work. For example, as I visited the Netherlands in Spring during the traditional bulb field season, I have completed some pictures of the tulips up close. These images were captured during a visit to the famous Keukenhof Gardens. I have also worked on bulb fields I’ve seen during boat trips. In addition to this, I have captured many of Europe’s traditional Christmas markets.


Andy Crosbie, Prague

As well as using my own photographs, I have used other sources to obtain images to reproduce. For example, I used a chocolate wrapper to do this image of Prague following my trip in autumn 2017, and I’ve also used various postcards collected over the years.”

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  1. Waltraud Pospischil

    Great photos and paintings. Just the right theme for the summer holidays coming up.

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