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Images and writing: Joe Dolan

Share Art is put on by Outside In in partnership with the Learning and Community Programme at Pallant House Gallery. It provides artists with the opportunity to present their artwork to an invited audience. In this blog post, Joe Dolan tells his experience of taking part in our twelfth Share Art.


My name is Joe Dolan. I am a regular face at the Hoathly Hill Sculpture Studio for five years now. For two years before I did the foundation course at Tobias School of Art and Art Therapy.

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I work with wood and stone carving and also design and produce Clay Reliefs, as others have most often identified them to be, so officially also by me. A simple but efficient process of sketching out an image in chalk on the board, followed by shaping it with clay, usually grey crank sometimes brown clay, along with basic form additional details, with shallow concave spaces in shape of the relief’s patterns. Light etching in certain sections, with some smoothed out for a more organic 3-D depth. Once physically formed the work is fired in a kiln, then when that part is done the relief is painted with glaze paint, and fired once more to bring shining colours. So that is how I do the artwork which I demonstrated in a 10 slideshow presentation, at share art for outside in at Pallant house Gallery in Chichester on Wednesday, 15 November 2017.



I also observed the artwork and talks of the other artists on our experiences of where we came and are at, in our artists pursuits. Some on personal struggles, others on the current political situation, and some in the presentations were inspired by childhood to toy houses and stop motion animation projects, as well as landscape painting.

I have to say that I have managed through my artistic imagination and experience, to bring those ideas of mine that make people recognise me in ways I want, and feel I should be. Plus it is a chance to do something like a franchise, with my original style and artistic aspirations. I will truly feel and know that I did something to be remembered by, that making my life worth it, to me, as well as for my loved ones.


Joe Dolan at Share Art 12

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  1. Juliette Goddard

    Very well done Joe, lots of hard work and wonderful communication skills fantastic!

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  2. juliaowl

    I enjoyed your presentation at Share Art 12 and like the sculpture process you sued to create your work. I enjoyed reading this blog and being reminded of your work.

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