Vawdrey Archive Project: An artist’s responses to the collection

As the work continues on the Vawdrey Archive Project, here one of the participating artists Ammay Tye shares some of the art they have created. In addition to the pieces inspired by their work by the collection, and time with the Wellcome Trust, they provide an insight to their creative journey and experiences with Outside In.

vawdrey sp faceless copy watermark

Faceless by Ammay Tye

The artworks centre around themes of identity and both ‘Faceless’ (the mask) and the globe in the self-portrait are made up of my medical records. This was inspired by initial conversations in the project about the possibility of artwork being seen as a medical record in terms of its classification within archival practice. This got me thinking about my own place in this discussion and I made my artwork a literal embodiment of both of these descriptions; medical record and artwork together. This also inspired my poem ‘Anonymous’, which I made after creating a collage of my medical records.

Recently, I have been working on some conceptual art of everyday objects inspired by the artist Audrey Amiss with Outside In and the Wellcome Trust. Her work reframed my understanding of myself and my art. This resulted in two showcases. My work has also been used by Wellcome at the Arts Libraries Society conference last summer.

As a flexible member of Art Space in Brighton, I have been working on continuous line drawings inspired by Pinterest. I find that this technique is a really good way to make something abstract. My painting that resulted from one of these was exhibited at The Institute of Health at Nottingham University as part of the ‘Here and Now’ exhibition with City Arts.

I also did some preliminary work with Synergy Community in Brighton to create work exploring the theme of climate change. I worked on creating images inspired by Andrew Goldsworthy. I really like the simplistic nature of the shapes and forms that he uses, and I am trying to replicate these with graphic drawings. This project culminated in an exhibition at ONCA gallery in Brighton in December of last year.

vawdrey sp self portrait copy wtermark

Ammay Tye’s self portrait with globe

I have a variety of experience marketing in theatre, from working onsite in theatres to research projects at universities and one-off events. I am currently working at a disability charity. I enjoy my work and come into contact with all different types of disabled people from all walks of life, which inspires me in my art. Our whole ethos is similar to Outside In in that we help people identify and define barriers and create solutions. Being part of Outside In, which helps people find strength in an artistic community of their own, is something that I am enjoying being involved with; I am still trying to find out how I fit in!

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