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In this blog post, Headway East London’s Communications and Development Manager Laura Owens introduces the organisation’s creative project: Submit to Love Studios. Last weekend, Submit to Love Studio Artist Billy Mann and Arts Coordinator Alex Brady spoke as part of a panel discussion focusing on ‘Supporting the Artist’s Voice’ at the 2018 European Outsider Art Association Conference.

Based at brain injury charity Headway East London, the studio is home to more than 40 self-taught artists; each using diverse methods and practices to produce works that are unguarded, emotive and informed by individual vision and uncensored creativity. These individuals make alongside each other on a daily basis, sharing materials and inspiration and continually witnessing the evolution of each other’s work. As an introduction to their work, and to highlight the significance of this shared working to the studio’s ethos, we asked five artists to talk about another person working in the space:

Stephen Staunton Untitled 1

Stephen Staunton, Untitled 1

“Stephen Staunton – sometimes just ‘Staunton’, like Picasso or Rembrandt – always brings a massive presence to any room. Most people take a step back, wondering whether the correct response is fear or amazement. He is profoundly deaf, so his world is aggressively delimited but fine-tuned by all his other senses. There is a brutality about him that stops you in your tracks.”

– Artist Billy Mann on artist Stephen Staunton

Stephen Staunton Untitled 2

Stephen Staunton, Untitled 2

Errol Drysdal Errol's Column

Errol Drysdale, Errol’s Column

“The royal family, love scenes, days out at the beach, London landmarks – certain themes and subjects appear again and again in Errol’s artwork. No matter the subject, Errol himself always features, sometimes prominently, sometimes hidden in the on looking crowd. Errol’s self-portraits are explorations in identity and wish fulfillment, showing himself both as he is and how he would like to be. They sometimes feature his wheelchair, sometimes not, instead showing Errol the fireman, Errol the fisherman, Errol the hero of the day. There are no mobility problems in the worlds he creates for himself – his wheelchair is capable of scaling columns and taking to the sky, as light as a feather.”

– Art Studio Co-ordinator and artist Connie on artist Errol Drysdale

Errol Drysdale Fine Day For Fishing

Errol Drysdale, Fine Day for Fishing


Sam Jevon, David Bowie

“I like Sam’s work a lot. She’s a great figurative illustrator, with a great line and composition. She did a fantastic Bowie portrait – I thought she captured him really well. I like her legs illustration as well. It’s the sort of work I would have commissioned as an Art Director – definitely.”

– Artist Mike Poole on artist Sam Jevon

Sam Jevon Legs

Sam Jevon, Legs

“My abiding memory of Michelle comes from when I first went into the art room, and was greeted by her on the way in. She held a chair in one hand, a canvas in the other, a warm smile on her face, and was ushering me towards a table where I might create a masterpiece. She’s the best art teacher I ever had. I am absolutely sure that my work has flourished and improved considerably under her guidance. She has a profound appreciation of the needs of people suffering from brain injury and treats everybody, no matter how deeply they have been affected, with equal consideration. She has a good sense of humour and a love of music, which is always flowing around the art room, but, for some reason, I don’t know why, she doesn’t like Led Zeppelin, and won’t allow me to play them. Oh well, you can’t have everything.”

Artist Ken Hazeline on Creative Lead and artist Michelle Carlile


Lincut by Alex Sherlock

Alex Sherlock, Linocut

“He’s very precise at what he does – very particular. Especially the print work – the way he cuts them out. Because I’m a printer myself, it’s nice to see someone else do it in a very particular way too. Even with his ceramics – it’s messy, but he’s still tidy and precise. It’s the same mind-set.”

Art Studio volunteer and artist Brian on artist Alex Sherlock

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    I’m Mark fine artist here in Somerset the UK. I’m myself severely dysliex and I’m interested in knowing more about your work in the arts and your gallery and working with artist like me .You have a great Galleries and outstanding art works in your galleries and beautiful and subliminally painting. Kind regards Mark

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