Strange Relations: Artist workshop


Monday 8 November 2021

Title: Somatic storytelling using found objects
A workshop with artists Carys Reilly and Beth Hopkins
Date: Monday 8 November, 1pm – 3pm
Tickets: £7.50/£10 – booking essential
Maximum number of people: 8 

Artwork by Carys Reilly

Join Outside In artists Carys Reilly and Beth Hopkins for a workshop on conveying somatic experiences through art. That is, how we can create objects to communicate our internal experiences or feelings. 

Inspired by Carys’ process of deconstructing and reassembling found objects, this workshop will give participants the opportunity to create small sculptures that can tell their stories. These can be as happy, sad, difficult, fun, personal or as universal as you choose. 

You’ll be able to learn about working instinctively with materials to tell stories, and how to find a way of creating that’s personal and accessible to you – no fine art training or education required. We will be working in a small group, and there is no pressure or expectation to share the experience you want to make work about, but you’re welcome to do so if you feel comfortable. 

All materials will be provided, but feel free to bring along any objects you’d like to incorporate into your sculptures. The workshop includes a tour of Carys’ work for Strange Relations, which is currently exhibited at Fabrica.

Event details

Fabrica Gallery

40 Duke St, Brighton