Andy Hood: Gold Run Past

23rd April – 29th August 2012

As part of the Gold Run Project Outside In 2007 Award Winner Andy Hood was commissioned to document the project. The result was a stunning collection of photographs that told the story from the Choirs journey to the creation of James Lakes sculptural head of David Rushbrook.

Gold Run was created and performed by  learning disabled and disabled artists. It consisted of a 30-strong choir, action-packed films and a giant sculptural head, combined in a dynamic performance inspired by the history of the Paralympic Games and the reintroduction of learning disabled athletes into the 2012 Paralympic Games.

In this exhibition:
Andy Hood

I am interested in the space that's around me,particularly inside my home.I see space as fractured dimensions that can be free and open or closed and restricting.The internal and external world merge and flip in …

James Lake

James Lake creates large scale cardboard and paper sculptures. The work is based on the themes of humanity, strength, and vulnerability. Although James is a disabled artist he seeks to make work that cannot be …