Outside In: at the Paris Outsider Art Fair Past

22 – 25 October 2015

Outside In is pleased to be taking part in the Paris Outsider Art Fair for the second time. Originally founded in New York, the Fair first came to Paris in 2013 to critical acclaim, and will this year be taking place at Hotel du Duc in Paris from 22 – 25 October. 

We will be taking work by Albert, James Cook, Manuel Bonifacio, Martin Phillimore, Nigel Kingsbury, Nnena Kalu and Ronald.

Venue information and opening times:

Thursday 22 October 5 – 9pm
Friday 23 October 11am – 8pm
Saturday 24 October 11am – 8pm
Sunday 25 October 12 – 5pm

Hotel du Duc
22 rue de la Michodiere
T: +33(0)6 23 26 19 56

Image: Martin Phillimore, All the Fun at the Fair

In this exhibition:

“I like to work with my hands. I’ve drawn for years, on and off, even as a child I was always scribbling something but I didn’t take it seriously until I came to Bethlem where …

James Cook

I like to use pens and felt tips in my artwork. My ideas come from my head and I like drawing electrical items.

Manuel Bonifacio

Born in December 1947 near Lisbon, Portugal, Manuel joined the fire brigade as a volunteer at a young age. His life's ambition was to be in the army, and many of his works reflect this …

Martin Phillimore

My art was an outlet to start with and a way to express how I was feeling at the time. I include themes of nature with an organic feel in my work. My art gave …

Nigel kingsbury

Nigel is fascinated with a female figure and form. Sometimes he draws from memory, other times Nigel will draw someone who is in the same room as him, especially if it is someone new. He …

Nnena Kalu

Nnena Kalu binds and layers materials together. Driven by an instinctive and determined urge to build repeated marks and forms she creates raw and intense artworks. Since 2010 Nnena has created a vast number of …