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Photograph of exhibition painting

23 March – 15 December 2013

Compton Verney in Warwickshire is currently presenting the Outside In: Central exhibition – a unique display of work by artists who feel excluded from the art world.

NB: At the bottom of the page is a short film explaining the exhibition and some of the artists in more detail. 

As the main venue for Outside In: Central, Compton Verney will host the largest exhibition of regional artists work, selected by a panel of representatives from Pallant House Gallery, Compton Verney and experts in the arts world. The selected artists will also have the opportunity to choose a work from Compton Verney’s important British Folk Art collection to show alongside their own, with an accompanying statement about the reasons for their choice. Folk Art is a wide-ranging term which often includes objects made by untrained artists, therefore as well as highlighting the affinity between non-traditional artists and Folk Art; we also hope the exhibition will continue our on-going enquiry into the Folk Art Tradition.

Alison Cox, Head of Programming at Compton Verney, said: “We were particularly keen to get involved with this project because, like our own Folk Art collection, it questions traditional definitions of what is, and what is not, art. It is our hope that this inclusive project and the exhibition at Compton Verney will provoke interesting conversations about the term Outsider Art and we look forward to showcasing the best the region has to offer at Compton Verney in 2013.”

The Outside In: Central region covers Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Leicestershire, West Midlands, Hereford and Worcestershire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire.

The selected artists are: Christopher Samuel, Tara Oatley, Natasha Boyd, Mary Courtney, Michael George, Keith Pawley, William James West, Mary Carroll, Alison Picknell, Andy Anderson, Richard Hunt, Nigel Williams, John Sprint, Duncan James Simpson and Gabrielle Roberts Dalton. 

Milton Keynes Project Space in Milton Keynes (part of MK Gallery) will exhibit a smaller group show for one month for four artists from their local area. This exhibition will be known as Outside In: Milton Keynes and will run from 6 – 29 September 2013.

Image: Christopher Samuel

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Outside In: Central exhibition photos

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A short film explaining the exhibition and some of the artists in more detail. 

In this exhibition:
Natasha Boyd

Art has been an essential part of my development since I was fifteen years old and my life was impended by a stroke followed by Sickle Cell and other complications. Art to me became a …

Mary Courtney

I like to play about, with words and drawing, with ideas and image. I've found, over these past few years, that making art is a great love and great fun. And finding this out has …

Michael George

Three of my painting's were chosen for the 2013 Outside In Exhibtion at Compton VerneyArt Gallery near Stratford Upon Avon,Warwickshire, England. This exhibition ran from March to December. My TNT Airbus work "Sure we …

William James West

I was inspired by Lowrey. I've always had an interest in sociology, and nature and machines. I'm an observer, I people watch, their movements fascinates me.

andy anderson aka andy capp

I have a passion for abstract art and use the process of making art as a coping strategy for the issues I have and to tell the story of my life. I am submitting work …

John Sprint

I like drawing and painting people. I like working in clay. I like all sorts of creative stuff.

Duncan James Simpson

After nearly having yet another breakdown I found myself visiting an Art Group run by Sandwell MIND. Since then, I have found myself drawing again, something I haven't done since my early twenties. I …

Gabrielle Roberts-Dalton