Outside In: Chelsea Past

2 October – 20 October 2012

Outside In: Chelsea was held at Annoushka Jewellers just off the Kings Road, London, from 2 – 20 October 2012. It featured the works of three Outside In: 2009 Award Winners: Carlo Keshishian, Dannielle Hodson and Jasna Nikolic.

Although a prominent figure in the jewellery industry now, Annoushka received no formal design training, but had a fierce passion and drive to bring a new dimension of freedom and self expression to the world of fine jewellery. Annoushka commented “As a designer I am an “outsider” who joined a largely conservative and traditional industry. I feel I have been able to use this to my advantage having a healthy scepticism for the way things have been done in the past. I recognize in these three artists something raw and exciting which comes from an unconventional path in their artistic development. I have long been a supporter of Pallant House Gallery and am delighted to be working with them to bring these uniquely talented artists to a new audience.”

See some photos from the private view…

In this exhibition:
Dannielle Hodson

Carlo Keshishian

Carlo is one of six award winners from Outside In 2009   http://carlokeshishian.com/blog/

Jasna Nikolic

Although I have degree in art, I was associated with art brut, as a result of my visual language, the need to fill the space up, to use pure white and black paint, and the …