Outside In: Fundraising At Toovey’s Past

Painting of a clown

Festive fundraising event

with thanks to Toovey’s Antique and Fine Art Auctioneers

December 2014

In December 2014, Toovey’s Antique and Fine Art Auctioneers chose Outside In as the nominated charity for its Christmas Private View and Charity Auction. Toovey’s hosted a fantastically successful event for us on Monday 1 December, which included a selection of unique, high-end lots to bid on, a Christmas tree of delights, festive jazz music, and canapes and champagne. 

Following the Christmas party, on Wednesday 3 December, we held an auction of works by Outside In Award Winners. As a result of the event and the auction, we have raised vital funds for the project that will enable us to continue with our important work.

A huge thank you to Toovey’s, for hosting the event and auction, and to all of the artists who donated work, and of course to everyone who gave so generously to the project.

Works auctioned at Outside In auction at Toovey’s


In this exhibition:
Michelle Roberts

Michelle has drawn and painted throughout her life. As a young girl, she accompanied her grandfather, a watercolour painter who often worked outdoors. She has maintained this drive to make art, spending much of her …

Carlo Keshishian

Carlo is one of six award winners from Outside In 2009   http://carlokeshishian.com/blog/

David Jones

Whilst at school I enjoyed art and managed to get an ‘O’ level grade in this subject, for the next 25 years I did not do any art at all. Due to peer pressure and …

Jasna Nikolic

Although I have degree in art, I was associated with art brut, as a result of my visual language, the need to fill the space up, to use pure white and black paint, and the …

Kate Bradbury

When I wake up in the morning it's like getting dressed. I pick up my powerdrill and hacksaw and with hands still inky from late night scribblings, I set the house to singing and shaking. …

Kwei Eden

My work is a very organic way of expressing myself. I mainly choose the colours as I work although I do like to use a combination of colours that I think work well together. I …

Manuel Bonifacio

Born in December 1947 near Lisbon, Portugal, Manuel joined the fire brigade as a volunteer at a young age. His life's ambition was to be in the army, and many of his works reflect this …

Matthew Sergison-Main

I am an illustrator and painter from Hampshire. I have always liked imaginative / fantasy art and try to convey the wonder that inspires in me through my art. I am currently working on acrylic …

Nigel kingsbury

Nigel is fascinated with a female figure and form. Sometimes he draws from memory, other times Nigel will draw someone who is in the same room as him, especially if it is someone new. He …

Peter Andrews

My family, my Mum and Dad, they love me. My Mum was a painter, I got the talent off my mum. My brother, his name is John, he's got a picture I painted in his …

Phil Baird

I have been selected from 190 Artists for the Outside in London competion. To show at least 4 works at The Cafe Gallery project gallery in Southwark park Bermondsey South Docklands! so you can see …













Memory of Pain

20 x 29cm

Fungal Fruits



bring your own television

50cm x 65cm