Outside In: National Past

27 October 2012 – 3 February 2013

Outside In: National at Pallant House Gallery, Chichester,showcased 80 works by artists selected from pieces submitted to the Outside In: National competition from July 2011 – July 2012. From substance misusers to self-taught visionaries, the exhibition provided a unique insight into the extraordinary breadth and vitality of work produced by individuals from outside the mainstream art world.

As well as the works selected for inclusion in the exhibition, six Award Winners were chosen who will have the opportunity to have a solo exhibition in the Studio at Pallant House Gallery. The Award Winners were selected by previous Director of Pallant House Gallery Stefan van Raay, renowned performance artist Bobby Baker and art historian Roger Cardinal.

Outside In: National Award winners

The Outside In: National 2012 Award Winners have been announced. They are: ‘Musicians’ by Michelle Roberts, ‘The ones that I’ve been saving to make a feather bed’ by Kate Bradbury, ‘Fukushima Conjuration’ by Matthew Sergison-Main, ‘Woman’ by Nigel Kingsbury, ‘Cosmic Hat’ by Phil Bairdand ‘Mermaid’ by Manuel Lanca Bonifacio. There was an Awards Ceremony at the Gallery on Thursday 25 October to celebrate all the works in the exhibition as well as announce the award winners. Each Award Winner has been offered the opportunity to have a solo exhibition at Pallant House Gallery in 2013 and 2014.

All of the judges were impressed by the quality and range of the works on show and agreed on the difficulty of making a selection. Director of Pallant House Gallery Stefan van Raay said: “I am really excited that Outside In has now gone national for the first time. As a judge I was dreading the fact that I had to pick out a few though actually we reached a consensus quite quickly. I know it is a cliché but everyone in this show is a winner and I am proud that we show this wealth of talent in the main exhibition spaces of the Gallery.”

Roger Cardinal agreed: “It is not really about finding the top six, it is more about showing the public that ordinary people without training can produce great work. Art can happen anywhere in all sorts of places, not just in art centres and galleries but where you are. The works in this exhibition are expressions of individuality, pledges of intent, claims upon our time.” For Bobby Baker, “The most powerful thing was seeing all the works together in this beautifully mounted and curated exhibition. I feel very privileged to be part of the process and completely bowled over by the exhibition.”

2774 || 663 || The Helmet of Salvation || £600 || 0
29 cm x 42 cm

Marc Steene, Deputy Director at Pallant House Gallery, has spearheaded the project, describing it as a ‘gentle revolution’, designed to enable a fairer art world where all who create have an equal opportunity to sit at the table and have their work seen and valued. He says ‘The challenge we are embracing is to reconsider how we define who is and is not an artist and what is and is not art in order to change attitudes in the mainstream art world’.

Outside In: National was shown as part of a season of exhibitions at Pallant House Gallery celebrating non-traditional creativity including the first major solo show in a UK public Gallery for nearly 50 years of the father of Art Brut, Jean Dubuffet (20 October 2012 – 3 February 2013) and an exhibition of the self-taught artist Pat Douthwaite (23 October 2012 – 3 February 2013). During the exhibition at Pallant House Gallery, there was an audio trail throughout the Galleries by Outside In: Step Up artists, highlighting research into Galleries Collection.

Outside In: The competition

The Outside In: National competition was launched in July 2011. Submissions were invited from artists who find it difficult to access the art world for a variety of reasons such as health, disability, social circumstances or because their work does not conform to what is normally considered as ‘art’. Entry to the competition was free and open to artists across the United Kingdom.

Outside In: The Selectors

80 works were selected to be exhibited at Pallant House Gallery from more than 2,300 submissions to the competition. The selectors were Tony Heaton, Director of Shape Arts; Collector of Outsider art, Rose Knox Peebles; Outside In Ambassador and former Outside In Award-Winner Carlo Keshishian; and Marc Steene, Deputy Director of Pallant House Gallery.

Outside In: The Judges

Stefan van Raay – Previous Director of Pallant House Gallery

Stefan van Raay studied Art History and Archaeology at the University of Amsterdam. In 1986 he was co-founder of the art historical consultancy D’Arts. He has been the Head of Exhibitions at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and in October 1997, he became the Director of Pallant House Gallery in Chichester, West Sussex. He stepped down in November 2012.

Roger Cardinal – Art Historian

Roger Cardinal is the author of the first book about Art Brut, Outsider Art (1972). His writings on self-taught art in Europe and America include Primitive Painters (1978) and the co-authored Marginalia. In 1979, he co-curated with Victor Musgrave the pioneering Outsiders exhibition at the Hayward Gallery in London. He is now a regular adviser to the Collection de l’Art Brut in Lausanne. He is Emeritus Professor of Literary & Visual Studies at the University of Kent, Canterbury, England.

Bobby Baker – Performance Artist

Bobby Baker lives in London, England. In her career of 35 odd years she has, amongst other things, danced with meringue ladies; made a life size edible and tasty cake version of her family to be eaten by visitors; opened her kitchen to the public and subsequently many kitchens around the world; and so on. In 2009 a major exhibition at Wellcome Collection shared her Diary Drawings with a wider public for the first time. These began in 1997 when she became a patient at a day centre.


In this exhibition:
Michelle Roberts

Michelle has drawn and painted throughout her life. As a young girl, she accompanied her grandfather, a watercolour painter who often worked outdoors. She has maintained this drive to make art, spending much of her …

Kate Bradbury

When I wake up in the morning it's like getting dressed. I pick up my powerdrill and hacksaw and with hands still inky from late night scribblings, I set the house to singing and shaking. …

Matthew Sergison-Main

I am an illustrator and painter from Hampshire. I have always liked imaginative / fantasy art and try to convey the wonder that inspires in me through my art. I am currently working on acrylic …

Nigel kingsbury

Nigel is fascinated with a female figure and form. Sometimes he draws from memory, other times Nigel will draw someone who is in the same room as him, especially if it is someone new. He …

Phil Baird

I have been selected from 190 Artists for the Outside in London competion. To show at least 4 works at The Cafe Gallery project gallery in Southwark park Bermondsey South Docklands! so you can see …

Manuel Bonifacio

Born in December 1947 near Lisbon, Portugal, Manuel joined the fire brigade as a volunteer at a young age. His life's ambition was to be in the army, and many of his works reflect this …

Fukushima Conjuration

42 x 29.7

Cosmic Hat

50cm x 65cm