Outside In: North West Past

23 March – 23 June 2013

Outside In: North West was at Tullie House Museum & Art Gallery in Carlisle showcasing artists facing barriers to the art world who lived in the north west of England. This exhibition was organised in collaboration with Outside In, Tullie House and Prism Arts (a charity based in Carlisle).

On 9 May 2013 a seminar was held at Tullie House organised by Prism Arts called ‘The Art of Participation.’

The selected artists were: Stephen Woodburn, Martin Turp, Robert, I.D.S.T., Bernadette Quinn, John Hogan, Kate McKennan, Filip Sobolewski, Kevin O’ Connor, Keith Fitton, Richard Michael Reuben, Andy Wild, Elton Darlo, Philip Adshead, Andrew, Pauline Coddington, Annette Crompton, Fergus Cronshaw, Stuart Craig Downs, Neelay Armstrong, Geof Staniford and Arh-em.

Image: John Hogan

In this exhibition:
Stephen Woodburn

I was watching somebody use the sewing machine to embroider a piece of work. I wanted to try it and when I did I found I really enjoyed it. Because I use my feet to …


First and foremost I'm a painterly artist, I prefer the traditional format of creating an image on a flat surface. I will use anything to create the image itself: acrylic, oil, crayon, pencil, marker pen, …

Bernadette Quinn

I would like to open up my work to a wider audience. To encourage people with any disability, whatever talent or gift they may have, it can become more than a dream and to show …

John Hogan

My work is in constant evolve. I am a painter of the human condition.

Kate McKennan

Geometry, surprise and the unexpected with fun, painted through the vehicle of natural forms where all of these occur and reoccur; natural and man made patterns are all my fascinations and inspirations.

Filip Sobolewski

Having experienced drug addiction,alcoholism,homelessness,divorce,being estranged from my children,depression,suicidal ideation etc the idea of simply getting better inspires me. I use art to further myself as a human being and thrive off the patterns of thought …

Kevin O Connor

Recently I have been combining text and image. For me it is a step into the unknown. The title is combined with the image and gives impact that engages the viewer.

Keith Fitton

searching for a piece of the jigsaw, a connection that fits in a world of unfitting. Holding true to the source, the pulse that fires the urge in an unknown direction. What is space, what …

Andy Wild

Welcome to my artworks. I hope you get something out of them.

Pauline Coddington

Touching, smelling and juxtaposing old fabrics is all part of the process of creating my art. Using shock colour combinations from vibrant inks on paper and stitching old, distressed fabrics within the arrangement brings together …

Annette Crompton

At the moment I am interested in composition, particularly relating to still life.

Fergus Cronshaw

I have sold oil paintings in the past on various subjects. Some of my best work are small drawings of motorbikes and cars (100 each) done in coloured pencil. When I am using them I …

Stuart Craig Downs

Once active & now virtually housebound, Stuart in spite of his chronic condition has developed many creative coping mechanisms. The process of coming to terms with long-term disability, newly acquired feelings of vulnerability & new, …

Neelay Armstrong

I love rain, sunshine and rainbows.