Outside In: On Tour Past

13504 || 3020 || Musicians || £800 || 5659
150cm x 120cm

29 March – 17 November 2013

Pallant House Gallery presented Outside In: On Tour, a showcase of twenty artists facing barriers to the art world selected through an open national competition.  This tour featured the six Award Winner’s works from the Outside In: National exhibition 2012. These were powerful, exuberant and affecting works from artists who took atypical routes to creativity and whose life experiences shone through.

The six Award Winners were:

  • Kate Bradbury
  • Manuel Bonifacio
  • Matthew Sergison-Main
  • Michelle Roberts
  • Nigel Kingsbury
  • Phil Baird

The 14 other artists were:

  • Chaz Waldren
  • Dan Duggan
  • David Beales
  • Elfmonkey
  • James Cook
  • Jasna Nikolic
  • Jason Ireland
  • Jeremy Townsend
  • John Kahn
  • Maggie Strong
  • Michael Smith
  • Regina Lafay
  • Ria Pratt
  • Ronald Henry

The four venues that the tour was exhibited at:

  • rb&hArts in London from 6 June – 15 August 2013
  • The Public in West Bromwich from 6 October – 17 November 2013

Image: Regina Lafay, Convert

Outside In: On Tour exhibition photos

In this exhibition:
Kate Bradbury

When I wake up in the morning it's like getting dressed. I pick up my powerdrill and hacksaw and with hands still inky from late night scribblings, I set the house to singing and shaking. …

Manuel Bonifacio

Born in December 1947 near Lisbon, Portugal, Manuel joined the fire brigade as a volunteer at a young age. His life's ambition was to be in the army, and many of his works reflect this …

Matthew Sergison-Main

I am an illustrator and painter from Hampshire. I have always liked imaginative / fantasy art and try to convey the wonder that inspires in me through my art. I am currently working on acrylic …

Michelle Roberts

Michelle has drawn and painted throughout her life. As a young girl, she accompanied her grandfather, a watercolour painter who often worked outdoors. She has maintained this drive to make art, spending much of her …

Nigel kingsbury

Nigel is fascinated with a female figure and form. Sometimes he draws from memory, other times Nigel will draw someone who is in the same room as him, especially if it is someone new. He …

Phil Baird

I have been selected from 190 Artists for the Outside in London competion. To show at least 4 works at The Cafe Gallery project gallery in Southwark park Bermondsey South Docklands! so you can see …

Chaz Waldren

Hello there Friends. I've been wondering what to say but I would like to say a big THANK YOU to Mr Marc Steene and all at Pallant House Art Gallery, Chichester for all their wonderful …

Dan Duggan

I am a 40 year old artist from south east London with a long history of mental illness. Having been detained under the mental health act on 3 occasions I have witnessed the nature of …

David Beales

I am 64 years old and I have been painting and drawing since I was a child. I left home at 16 and worked at various office and factory jobs until I was 21 when …

James Cook

I like to use pens and felt tips in my artwork. My ideas come from my head and I like drawing electrical items.

Jasna Nikolic

Although I have degree in art, I was associated with art brut, as a result of my visual language, the need to fill the space up, to use pure white and black paint, and the …

Jason Ireland

Jeremy Townsend

I find creating artwork is a way of becoming immersed in another world. I enjoy painting and photomontage. I like using water colour and building a painting up in layers of washes, the great thing …

John Kahn

I like doing art at the day centre where I have attended since 1967. I use different coloured felt tips to do my drawing and my pictures have lots of detail. I like drawing places …

Maggie Strong

My artwork is from the heart and in full mostly of bright colours even though at times I'm in the depths of despair. I have for many years suffered from Bi-polar and remain on medication …

Michael Smith

I like drawing friends and staff at Barrington Farm. I like to draw everybody, but I enjoy drawing animals, horses and cowboys the best. I also like painting and sewing. I like seeing my work …

Ria Pratt

Kim Noble is a woman who, from the age of 14 years, spent 20 years in and out of hospital until she made contact with Dr Valerie Sinason and Dr Rob Hale at the Tavistock …