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91 x 121 cm

20 July – 29 September 2013

Outside In: West celebrated the extraordinary creativity of 21 artists outside the mainstream.  It was arranged in partnership with the Museum of Somerset in Taunton, and showcased artists who have remained at the margins either because of health issues, disability, or social circumstances.

In selecting the powerful and often exuberant work, the exhibition centred on gesture, narrative, expression and vitality. On the surface the work seems wonderfully diverse, but delve deeper and two themes emerge.

The exhibition was curated by Tim Martin who presented the work thematically under two headings.

‘From within and from without’

‘There is no surer way of evading the world than by Art; and no surer way of uniting with it than by Art.’ Goethe

This section of the exhibition gathered works that expressed personal thoughts and inner feelings as well as perceptions of the contemporary world. Since the Romantic Movement began artists such as Constable, Delacroix, Goya and later Jean Dubuffet and Edvard Munch have all expressed their individuality and concerns through paint. Currently Tracey Emin, Yinka Shonibare and graffiti artist Banksy push the boundaries of how art can confront, challenge and provoke.

‘Self and other portraits’

Portraiture, and in particular the self-portrait, is a constant in art practice. Some believe that it wasn’t until the Middle Ages, when mirrors were readily available, that self-portraits were made; others believe that self-portraiture dates back to Ancient Egypt and beyond when people first saw their reflections in still water. While Albrecht Dürer reflected his physical appearance, artists such as Rembrandt, Van Gogh and later Frida Kahlo and Lucian Freud portrayed their inner selves. More recently Gerhard Richter and Marc Quinn continue to challenge this tradition.  As Oscar Wilde said ‘every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter’.

This exhibition was selected from artists’ submissions by:

Tim Martin – Independent Artist and Curator
Stuart Rosamond – Visual Arts Educator
Jennifer Gilbert – Outside In Co-ordinator
Tom Mayberry – Head of Heritage at Museum of Somerset
Helen Mansfield – Heritage Learning Manager at Museum of Somerset

The selected artists were: Joolz Cave Berry, Marjana Wjasnova, Mo Rudling, Regina Lafay, Ideapathic, Benjamin Fish, Brian Gibson, Keith Davies, John Slator, Peter Fox, Roger Davison, Grade One, Vivi-Mari Carpelan, Tina Kelly, Derek Keeping, Nicholas Selway, Liz Lane, Stephen Canby, Stacey Fish, Arron Kuiper. 

Originally this exhibition was to be shown across two venues, with the Brewhouse Arts Centre being the second. Unfortunately, the Brewhouse went into administration and closed earlier this year. However, we were lucky to still have Tim Martin from the Brewhouse working with the Museum of Somerset on this exhibition. We are appreciative of the events the Brewhouse held in the past as part of Outside In.

Address: The Museum of Somerset, Taunton Castle, Castle Green, Taunton, TA1 4AA

Image: Marjana Wjasnova

In this exhibition:
marjana wjasnova

My art is an exploration of the interplay of earthly and ethereal energies upon the human psyche. Colour, shape and form are used to manipulate these unseen energies so they flow with the Light. The …

Mo Rudling

George is about the manic highs and at the same time wanting to die. He is very eccentric and fun but also signifies the dark side we often hide.


As a self-taught artist my focus is on originality, imagination and spontaneity. I enjoy combining image and text; playing with figure/ground, order/chaos tensions and contorting the body –(anyone for yoga?). Recent pictures have referenced Buddhapada …

Ben Fish

'Ripe Old Age.' When I was young, probably 24 I dropped a banana skin on the lane floor. It hit with a thud and lay limp on the mud, I walked on by and thought …

Brian Gibson

I am an artist who likes to work with ideas in a variety of mediums.. Although always creative I never thought to consider myself an "Artist". Then in my late 20s a change occurred …

Keith Davies

I enjoy looking at work by famous artists or artists who are not famous. I particularly like paintings from the German Expressionists and particularly like Franz Marc who work seems very spiritual to me. I enjoy …

peter fox

I see myself as a contemporary primitive. I have not been able to show my work in my local region because it is outside of Cornish genre and fashionable trends.

Roger Davison

For me making art is about making a magical connection and putting it down on paper.

Grade One

My name is David Bravey, aka Grade One. I'm a veteran diagnosed with PTSD. I served with the Welsh Guards in Northern Ireland and in London doing public duties. Circumstances have seen me live on …

Tina Kelly

Tina has been a member of Artists First in Bristol since 2005. "Until I joined Artists First I did not do art. I want to carry on into next year and the year after that …

Derek Keeping

A few years ago, wandering around Victoria station where Evening Standard umbrellas were being given away with the paper of the same name, despite the fact it wasn't and hadn't been raining all day - …

Nicholas Selway

I think it is great, art. I like doing it at home, anywhere. I do things as I see them - some ideas come out of my head and some ideas come from stories. Art …

Liz Lane

Liz is a long-standing member of Artists First in Bristol. She has exhibited widely over many years (to name just a few of the exhibitions Liz has been involved in: The River Winding at the …

Stephen Canby

"I like coming to Artists First to do my art and I've done it for a long time. I like working with schools, sharing my art with young people. I like working with other disabled …

Stacey Fish

My name is Stacey Fish and I love drawing pictures. When it comes to painting I know what colours I want; my favorite colour is purple. I started at Artists First, Bristol, last year (2011) …

Arron Kuiper

Gel is a technique utilising the chemical properties of oil paint and hydrogel to produce a three-dimensional painting inside a transparent vessel. The paint is implanted into the gel and remains exactly where it is …