Shared Insight Past

Photograph of two people sitting face to face

A collaborative exhibition

8 November – 2 December 2016

Shared Insight showcases the work of Harrison Moore, a Central Saint Martins Fine Art Graduate and Terence Wilde, an artist associated with Outside In.

Harrison and Terence worked together in partnership as part of a four-month residency at Kentish Town Health Centre earlier this year. They were exploring shared insights of what it means to be artists working in contemporary London. Films about their partnership and work created during and following the residency are on display in the windows at Central Saint Martins’ Granary Square campus.

Venue: Central Saint Martins, Granary Square, 1 Granary Square, London N1C 4AA

A Q&A with the artists will be held on Thursday 10 November – the launch will start at 6pm, with the Q & A at 7pm – All welcome!

Background to the residency

In 2014 Outside In worked with the University of Chichester to pair an Outside In artist with an MA Fine Art student to see how they could learn from each other in both life and in artistic practice. Such a fruitful relationship occurred that Outside In wanted to replicate it with other university students and Outside In artists. The Kentish Town Health Centre approached Outside In about the possibility of a residency, and Outside In then approached Central Saint Martins to be part of the collaboration. Proposals were received from both current and alumni students from the Fine Art Department. Harrison and Terence have got on really well, worked across many new disciplines and have developed their own artistic practice and ways of thinking. It seems that both artists will be leaving the process in a better mind set, but also as friends. During the residency the artists recorded their progress in a blog.

The first exhibition was held across two floors of the Kentish Town Health Centre, 2 Bartholomew Road, London, NW5 2BX between 13 and 27 May 2016. The exhibition presented their working methods, films, scripts, photographs, modified t-shirts and artworks created during their four months together.

Mental Spaghetti’s review of the first exhibition

The Scripted Film

This film was created by Harrison and Terence to go alongside their exhibition following their residency at the Kentish Town Health Centre. 

“We had the idea that it might be interesting to record our in-depth conversations about topics such as art, love, fears, and mental health, and then to revisit them somehow, or to turn them into something else by giving them a different form, such as a script destined for the big screen.

The film shows three actors reading our transcribed conversations from those that we have had with each other. We came up with the name ‘No thrills No Garnish’ whilst having our lunch one afternoon in a well-known affordable eatery in Kentish Town. The waitress said ‘how was your meal’ and Harrison replied ‘it is what it is’ with Terence adding ‘no thrills and no garnish’ – such is the way our working relationship developed.

The film explores aspects of life common to us all, in an unguarded form.

We had five hours of studio time to do this piece, after 30 hours of transcribing. What we didn’t expect from this film was just how surprised we would find ourselves when we looked back on our discussions. It could be said that this was both at once courageous and cowardly. The resulting film became our favourite work.”