Strange Relations at Fabrica, Brighton Past

Dates: 9 October to 28 November, 2021
Location: Fabrica Gallery, Brighton

Fabrica and Outside In present Strange Relations by artists Simon Le Boggit and Carys Reilly.

Fabrica’s autumn exhibition with Outside In will be exploring extremity and diversity, and invite audiences to experience work of an extremely large scale and that at a tiny intimate size. This juxtaposition of the artists’ works will offer visitors a playful ‘sizeshifting’ experience – at first loomed over by one work and then towering over the other. In this highly anticipated exhibition, the artworks position the visitor as the ‘norm’ in the room. Playing with the norms of human scale, looking beyond the norms of human experience and questioning the cultural norms in current exhibition making.

Watch a film about the exhibition here:

Carys Reilly’s series includes psychologically charged sculptures, though tiny, they powerfully convey bodily intimacy and interiority. In contrast, Simon Le Boggit’s expansive video installation, Even Giants Have to Bend, fills Fabrica’s 10 metre high ceiling with the movement and sound of huge trees in a strong wind, immersing the viewers below it. 

The artists were selected via an open call disseminated to the pool of  over 3000 artists registered with Outside In. The panel of selectors who chose the artists included: Marc Steene – Founder and Director of Outside In, Liz Whitehead – Founder and Director of Fabrica, Artist and Curator, Jeff McMillan and Cathy Lomax, Artist and director of Transition Gallery, London.

Strange Relations attempts to interrogate ‘norms’ within the contemporary art world and society, through exhibition making – a subject that both Outside In and Fabrica have each explored for some time. This focus set the parameters for the selection of the artists’ works which are two extremely different immersive encounters.

Free entry

Fabrica, 40 Duke Street, Brighton, BN1 1NB

Entrance on Ship Street

Special events planned:

8 October – Preview

14 October – Carys Reilly illustrated talk

28 October – Simon Le Boggit talk and tour

8 November – Artist workshop


Carys Reilly is a contemporary artist living in Glasgow. Her practice combines drawing, sculpture, photography and body art. 

​Her work is influenced by the ‘Pictures Generation’ artists, and the radical narcissism of 1970s feminist performance. The narratives of her practice are shaped by her own experience of chronic illness, neurodivergence, and a fascination with historical texts on hysteria.

​Carys graduated from Winchester School of Art in 2015, specialising in woven textiles. Her BA collections integrated sculpture, illustration, typography and weaving to create immersive worlds and narratives critiquing contemporary attitudes towards women and mental illness.

​She then went on to study at the Royal College of Art, graduating with a Masters degree in Textiles in 2017. Here she further developed her sculptural pieces and her flair for melodrama and performance, expanding on her exploration of femininity and chronic illness. 

​Carys has worked with several artist collectives, including Womanstanley, Outside In and Sweet ‘Arts. Her piece The Hermit, The Waif, The Witch and The Queen has been exhibited in America and Vietnam, as part of an International Art Exchange with Sweet ‘Arts.

Carys comments: My pieces in this exhibition are from an ongoing project called ‘Quick Unpick’ exploring my experience with severe endometriosis. I’m exhibiting a series of miniature sculptures assembled from found objects and fabrics.

I hope to create a little immersive experience for the viewer and tell a story that they can follow through the installation.


Simon Le Boggit is a multimedia artist living and working in Lincolnshire, UK. Focussing on the distillation of “meaning” from chaos, his recent works have resulted in the creation of abstract or skewed imagery, expressive sculpture, mesmeric videos, evocative textured walls of sound, and the generation of chaotic algorithmic musical compositions capable of generating moments of “apparent intentionality” (where any melody, harmony and syncopation is a product of chance and the human compulsion to identify patterns).

Simon Le Boggit says: ” I hope the exhibition may offer some fresh experience for people who are intrigued enough to step inside the Fabrica building and check things out. I find Carys Reilly’s tiny sculptures to be totally disarming, and very touching. As for my own large scale video Even Giants Have To Bend (pictured above), I hope it may envelop people in a way which takes them out of themselves for a little while. The internet dominated world is so full of relentless narrow-band voices – sometimes it is good to simply stand and stare upwards, and drink in the turbulent white noise of rustling leaves overhead for a while.”

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