Who Are You? Past

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A collaboration with The Wellbeing Gallery as part of Brighton’s Artists Open Houses

In May 2016 Outside In once again collaborated with The Wellbeing Gallery, based at the Brighton Health and Wellbeing Centre, for Artist Open Houses. The exhibiting artists each explored the theme ‘Who are you?’.

Work in the show included Luc Raesmith’s collage and assemblage pieces and paintings by Yap, Stephen Hawthorne and Stephen Humphreys. There was also a new film from Finding Your Compass, a project exploring a creative road to management and recovery from mental health conditions.

The Wellbeing Gallery is part of a research project to understand the need and meaning of arts on referral within the NHS. Their main objectives are to offer support and opportunities for under-represented artists, whilst communicating to their patients through the arts that self-reflection and understanding personal narrative are beneficial to wellbeing and good health.

Jude Hart, Curator of The Wellbeing Gallery said: “We are so pleased to be partnering with Outside In again. The Outside In artists are at the heart of the project – they are so brilliant and inspiring and a pleasure to work with. Showing their work and telling their stories strengthens our message that understanding oneself through making, sharing and being heard is key to our wellbeing.”

‘Who Are You?’ was at The Wellbeing Gallery, 18-19 Western Road, Brighton, BN3 1AE on 30 April and 1, 7, 8, 14, 15, 21, 22, 28, 29 May.

Image: Stephen Hawthorne, Stephen

Who Are You? exhibition photos