Artists’ Interiors: Aradne

This week we’ve visited artist Aradne in her home, where she creates her intricate embroidery drawings. Below, you can find a selection of images from Aradne’s home, as well some text from the artist herself talking about her creative space. Aradne currently has work in two Outside In exhibitions in Brighton: ‘Intuitive Visions: Shifting the Margins‘ at Phoenix Brighton as part of HOUSE 2015, and ‘Being Creative is Good For You!‘ at the Wellbeing Gallery as part of Brighton’s Artists Open Houses.


“I have to admit I am a hoarder and my home is cluttered due to materials,  books and collections that inspire me. They are an essential part of the creative process and I need that visual stimulus and materials to hand to create.


My books are the most important treasure. If I think of an idea, being able to search through my reference books on a variety of subjects will often lead to a new thought better than my original thought.


I also keep any samples I’ve made including failures as I often find at a later date I can use them differently and the end result works.


I did have a studio space for awhile which helped with all the clutter but it wasn’t the same and it was very cold!


I don’t make a distinction between my art and home – I want to have all the things I love or have made in full view even if they are not particularly successful. I have an unfinished mosaic in the bathroom and tiles that need grouting which I keep hoping one day I will get round to completing but probably won’t as there are too many other things to do!”

For more information on either of the exhibitions Aradne’s work is currently appearing in, please click here.


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