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On Monday 1 December 2014, Outside In has been invited to be the nominated charity to raise money at Toovey’s Christmas Party at their auction house in Washington, West Sussex. Toovey’s is a family-owned and family-run firm with an international standard of expertise and marketing. During the evening, we will be holding an auction to raise money for Outside In with artworks by Outside In Award Winning artists alongside acclaimed artists from Sussex. For the auction, we will be producing a catalogue which will house a Q&A with each artist selling work. We will be sharing some of the full, unedited Q&As with you here on our blog. Here’s the Q&A with David Jones…

What first inspired you to take up art?

I was in prison, not in a good state. I was in the detox wing. I started going to an art group on Monday mornings; I could barely move, but I dragged myself to the art room each week. If I wasn’t sleeping, I would do some art. Within a week my walls were covered.

How long have you been making art for?

Since 2007.

David Jones, Icarus in Brighton

David Jones, Icarus in Brighton

Has your process changed since the beginning?

Yes massively! It has opened a lot of doors. From Creative Future right at the beginning, and my first exhibition at St Pauls to becoming an Outside In Award Winner in 2009 and having a solo exhibition. A few other art groups have popped up now and I’ve been part of several more exhibitions.

Could you talk about the process behind your current work – from initial idea to final piece?

I start with research, before making sketches and writing ideas down. I have been inspired by nature and the death of my father. As I get older, my work is inspired by more simple things. It has gone well this time, as I feel I have done it right.

How do you decide when a piece is finished?

When the canvas is full or when I am satisfied with the piece. I think I used to go too far and overloaded with colour, but have changed that now!

What influences your work?

It changes as time goes on. I like of lot of artists at Ink’d in Brighton. I am also inspired by Goya, and the Surrealists.

How would you describe your work in one sentence?

Everything is an extension of something else and everything is connected.

David Jones, Patience

David Jones, Patience

What do you hope the audience will get when looking at your work?

We live in a dark place, sometimes colour takes away this emotion and the element of surprise.

Do you have a favourite artist?

Goya – at present I can really identify with being ill and taking a lot of medication. I’m procrastinating a lot – although Goya didn’t do this, he did hobble around in a lot of pain! Something about working to deadlines under stress and pain.

What has been the high point of your artistic career?

The exhibition at Pallant House Gallery, being an Outside In Award Winner and what followed: a two year residency (originally a one year residency), a one month exhibition, and another two month residency.

What is your favourite quote? (Art related or not!)

The colours of the mind swirling through arm to brush to surface and (pow, snap, crackle and bop) your passions have created a scene / portrait etc, which gives every person a different opinion. To quote Stanley Spencer “painting is saying ‘ta’ to God.”

David Jones, Nature's Way

David Jones, Nature’s Way

What’s next for you as an artist?

Just to carry on, do more, and stay more focused.

Can you tell us about Nature’s Way?

It goes back to my teenage years – being into punk music. It’s about the fusion of punk music and reggae making me happy, like I want to dance. It’s about freeing yourself up and letting yourself go. The one thing that can solve most of our problems is doing art.

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