It’s Not a Face

Cloudhopper; a dedicated workshop, studio space and commercial gallery in Bognor Regis, will be hosting an exhibition of work by Outside In artist Stephen White from 28 April – 9 May. ‘It’s Not a Face’ will showcase twelve computer-generated paintings by Stephen alongside the graffiti work of ‘Native’ Urban Artist.


Stephen’s computer generated abstract pieces are more or less based on the face, and have grown out of his paintings of a similar subject, which come from “the dark inner depths of my mind, not representing anyone in particular.” Feeling he’s bringing something new to the computer, Stephen sees this digital endeavour as a “new adventure,” although it is most definitely born out of his previous practice – he finds it difficult to start with nothing.


In talking about the connection between his work and the work of ‘Native’ Urban Artist, Stephen says they are both “very contemporary.” Stephen has created 27 images in this style,  using a programme called ‘Coral Painter’ on a touch screen computer, of which twelve will be on show in the exhibition.

Stephen says: “Art is my life; I have exhibited it in many exhibitions. I have a need to create; I could go as far as to say it is an obsession… Even though I have been influenced by artists like Willem de Kooning, George Baselitz, Frank Auerbach and the Scottish Colourists, I intend to bring some originality to what I do. I have not as yet limited my work to a set style and maybe I never will. If I did it would limit the way I express myself.”


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