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Until 27 April, you can see a selection of work by Terence Wilde at Matthews Yard (Croydon). Below, Terence tells us about the work that will be on display and about his experience of organising the exhibition.

I spend a lot of my spare time having coffees and chilling at Matthews Yard. Some fellow Buddhists took me there for lunch a few years ago and it has become a second home ever since. So I’ve been looking forward to having a solo show in their gallery – and the chance to get together with friends in a place I love.

The private view of Terence's exhibition

The private view of Terence’s exhibition

I both like and loathe having solo shows; presenting in public a collection of artworks made in private used to seem like a contradiction. The anxiety underlying my creative processes is replaced with an anxiety around expectation and judgement from those viewing the work.

Why have another show, why put myself on the line again? Well, I have always been inspired by art. When it comes from the heart it makes life feel better and more manageable. Genuine creative expression helps carry us and make sense of things, as much as anything can do, it can even make us – dare I say it – happy.

My favourite part of organising a show is giving it a name. As my work is highly personal, giving it a name is like naming a child. It needs to know who it is when it goes out into the world.

A section of Terence's exhibition

A section of Terence’s exhibition

‘Out of the Way’ deals with living in the present as a way of healing the past. This collection of works encompasses the past; black and white, mental health, through to the present; colourful Buddhist and meditation inspired imagery. A small bridge of subtle tones connects the two worlds. I have enjoyed mapping out my work in this way as I have indeed had to get myself ‘Out of the Way’ of myself to accomplish it. It has given me a sense of owning my own name when I haven’t always felt able to.

I prefer to let my work speak for itself, although it is really important to be at your own private view. Like many artists, marginalised or not, I think there is a sense of fight or flight when the big moment begins and you are then accountable for creating the whole thing. I want the viewer to understand and feel that they are moving from shadows into light and fear into freedom and flight.  If I can do it anyone can.

A piece in Terence's exhibition

A piece in Terence’s exhibition

This blog has been a challenge, it started off rather negatively and sarcastically, as is my usual stock in trade, but in the words of one of the paintings ‘That on which we dwell,’ I let my mind rest on the positive aspects of sharing my work. Into the darkest places there is always a Madonna ‘Ray of Light’ or a Kate Bush stepping out of the page into the sensual world – or a Terence flight of fancy. With this in mind I hope to encourage other artists to keep going and risk showing their work.

I had a great time at the private view. Friends from all walks of my life came to support me, including Pallant House Gallery, staff at the Bethlem Royal Hospital, and – very importantly – some of the clients I work alongside, who continually inspire me with their resilience to adversity. The staff at Matthews Yard gave me the chance to have this exhibition, so thank you to Saif, Leoni, Bob Ski and Jordan and a special thanks to Archillies.

For more information on Terence’s exhibition, please click here.

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  1. phil baird

    Great Terence! Well done. looking forward to braving new territory of Croydon
    and seeing your work in a new context.

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