Share Art: Carol Jaye and Jonathan Pettitt

On 16 March, Pallant House Gallery’s Community Programme and Outside In held their tenth ‘Share Art’ event. Share Art gives Community Programme participants and Outside In artists the chance to present and talk about their work in front of an audience. For the tenth event, we saw 16 artists talk about their work, which ranged from watercolour paintings to sculpture and lino prints. We caught up with presenting artists Carol Jaye and Jonathan Pettitt after they had spoken about their work.


Carol Jaye talking about her work at Share Art 10

Carol Jaye

“It was pretty scary presenting up there! I think it’s the first time in ages I’ve done something like that. I brought my clay samples along with me for a bit of bravery!”


Carol Jaye, Noah and the Ark

Carol’s ceramic work narrates fables and stories: from the Biblical tale of Noah and his ark, to the Greek myth of Demeter and her daughter Persephone. She often creates work in pairs or series, as she likes to continue the story on beyond one object. More recently (after a large clay bill), Carol has been sourcing her own clay from around the Isle of Wight where she lives. This brings its own intrigue, as when it’s fired, clay from different areas comes out different colours. She has been working on some larger pieces, such as the figure of Demeter in mourning for her lost daughter, but because of the limited size of her kiln, Carol breaks the sculptures into smaller parts before expertly connecting them back together once they’ve been fired.


Much of Carol Jaye’s work is influenced by the sea

“I loved looking at the other artists’ work too. There was such an exuberant use of colour – and such a variety!”


A Guardian Angel riding an octopus by Carol Jaye


Carol Jaye, inspired by Demeter

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Jonathan Pettitt talking about his work at Share Art 10

Jonathan Pettitt

“I felt a bit nervous as first and I don’t think I said everything I wanted to but I did really enjoy it. I didn’t look at everyone in the audience though – that would have made me even more nervous! It was nice doing it in a room surrounded by work by other great artists, and it was nice to listen to everyone else talk about their work. I’m going away with some new ideas.”

Jonathan Pettitt - Born in Matter, Matter Doesnt Really Matter

Jonathan Pettitt, Born in Matter, Matter Doesn’t Really Matter

Jonathan’s work incorporates mythical motifs such as fairies, imps and gnomes. In many of his pieces, he talks about the gnomes representing the devil and mischief, and because of this, they are often painted red or black. His work also features woodland creatures, like foxes and owls, as well as characters from the nursery rhyme ‘Hey Diddle Diddle’ – in particular the cow jumping over the moon.

Jonathan Pettitt - Love Tears

Jonathan Pettitt, Love Tears

Jonathan Pettitt - Pee Thrips 2

Jonathan Pettitt, Pea Thrips

peecock jonathan pettitt

Jonathan Pettitt, Peecock

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