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Filmmaker Rosie Powell has been documenting our latest project, the Insight Partnership, for the last three months. In today’s blog post we share her final film, which forms part of the Drawing Insight exhibition at Pallant House Gallery, Chichester.

The Insight Partnership is a collaborative project delivered by Outside In and the University of Chichester. The aim of the Partnership is to bring together artists from different creative backgrounds in order to experience each other’s ways of working, learn from each other and develop new work. Over the past three months Yvonne J. Foster, a Brighton-based artist associated with Outside In has been working with Deborah Petch, a recent graduate of the MA Fine Art programme at the University of Chichester. Rachel Redfern, also a recent MA Fine Art graduate, supported this partnership in the capacity of project facilitator.

The resulting body of work is now on display in an exhibition entitled Drawing Insight which is in The Studio at Pallant House Gallery until 26 March. The exhibition features artworks created by the three artists during the course of their three-month partnership. The exhibition also includes a short film made by photographer and videographer Rosie Powell. Rosie spent many hours with the artists, filming them as they shared and developed their work. She documented the artists’ journey together and captured frank moments of conversation as they discussed their lives and their individual approached to creating art. Rosie said of this experience:

“Working on this project has been a very insightful and honest experience. I have collaborated with people I may potentially never have worked with creatively and had discussions about things I’ve never thought about before. It’s been fascinating documenting how each individual works and how they use the materials they choose. It’s wonderful to watch a piece of art work evolve and change; from being just an idea or feeling to being something physical, existing in a space. I have enjoyed being let into each artist’s workspace and therefore by default, into their personal space, something I feel that the film reflects. For me, it feels like this project started as a creative conversation, which has slowly become various difficult conversations about life, people and their differences. It has been an opportunity for me to focus not only on the artwork, but also the people behind it.”


Drawing Insight continues in The Studio at Pallant House Gallery until 26 March.

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