Common Threads, a HOUSE Biennial/Outside In co-commission
Presented in partnership with Phoenix Brighton, 2017. Photo credit Nigel Green

Outside In work in partnership with a number of art galleries and organisations to deliver commissions. If you are interested in running a commission please get in contact.

An example of a recent commission:

Common Threads

London based artist Andrew Omoding and Brighton based artist Anthony Stevens were co-commissioned by Outside In and HOUSE Biennial to create a joint exhibition for the first time.

Both artists work with mixed media and textiles, taking discarded and unwanted materials and repurposing them to create new objects that share personal stories and perspectives.

Anthony Stevens is a self-taught artist whose work is about expressing personal experiences and processing the consequences. His characterful hand-embroidered textile collages draw out satirical observations around human behaviour and our underlying motivations. The act of making the work is itself mindful, an important part of understanding Anthony’s work. Steven’s work shares personal stories alongside more widely known fables to explore the Biennial theme of Excess and its implications found in mythological and historical events, as much as in contemporary societal values and consumerist trends. This includes how the need to be loved has been manipulated into a desire to overconsume.

Andrew Omoding’s work is largely autobiographical. His mixed media creations, which include sculptures, books, costumes and more are made from left-over and scrap materials. Like Stevens, the creative process is a key component of the work, where Omoding selects a variety of found materials to weave, wrap, sew, thread and construct new objects. An intuitive process, the works are created as Omoding’s stories evolve. Whilst making, the artist simultaneously sings, performs and shares his works through storytelling. Andrew may be present in the gallery at selected times throughout the exhibition to share wider stories on the works exhibited.

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