A Glimpse of Heaven

7 September – 5 October
The Arc Arts Centre, Caterham


Terri used to paint, but in 1985 a near fatal road accident left her with severe shakiness down her right side. She thought drawing and painting were going to be impossible as she couldn’t even hold a pen to write or spoon to eat with. Terri used her left hand more and more, but trying to draw upset her. However, when her son went off to university, and with the encouragement of her mother, and friends, Terri persevered. Earlier this year she nearly lost her vision too. She loves painting with oils which give her a feeling of freedom.


The exhibition will have four sections: the jungle section, the cold section, the naturally great section, and the portrait section. 


Terri wants the show to be an interactive one that will make the viewer feel how she feels when she is making the work. 


The Arc Arts Centre


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