Art Events in Norwich

'Some adult themes and language',  Vince Laws will be exhibiting these and other pieces at the forthcoming Pride Without Prejudice show at St Margaret's Church of Art, St Benedict's Street, Norwich, which launches on Sunday 22 July from 6-9pm and then runs until Saturday 4 August.

Vince is also runnings a Paint Your Own Plaque Workshop (or bring a charity shop plate/mug/whatever to adapt) on Tuesday 24 July at St Margaret's Church of Art from 2-4-30pm. The event is free or you can make a donation.


Vince will be performing at the Pride Tea Party at the Tea Lounge on Ber Street on Friday 27 July from 4-6pm, you can then watch the Olympic Opening Ceremony with at the Norwich Arts Centre from 7pm, before seeing Vince make live art and performing at the Dysfunctional Room later that night.


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To visit Vince's work on the Outside In website click here:


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