Outside In’s 2019 national exhibition ‘Environments’ is now open

Works by 80 Outside In artists have been selected for the award-winning charity’s 2019 national exhibition ‘Environments’, which is now on show at Piano Nobile Kings Place in London’s King’s Cross.

The call out for the exhibition attracted some 900 submissions from artists across the UK and the Republic of Ireland which were then put to a panel of selectors.

The charity’s director and founder Marc Steene said: “My continuing amazement and awe at the many talented artists in ​the Outside In community grows with each national call out. We are privileged to be trusted with such astonishing work produced by artists often overlooked and hidden from view.”

In terms of materials the chosen works range from digital print, photography, embroidery, assemblage and clay sculpture to pen, pencil, chalk, oil paint, watercolour and charcoal. While in subject matter they encompass everything from the landscapes of the Scottish Highlands and South Coast to New York City, perspectives on daily life and a wide range of abstract impressions and imagery inspired by nature and popular culture – think cats, monkeys and The Beatles.

Here is a small selection of the works on show:

Everyone at Outside In would like to thank all the partners, artists and supporters for helping to make 2019 national a success. Below is a list of all of the artists whose work was selected, however all of the other submissions (subject to artist permission) will also be showcased on a slideshow at the exhibition.

There is restricted access to the exhibition on certain days so please ensure you check the following link before planning your visit: https://www.kingsplace.co.uk/your-visit/art-galleries/

Alan Payler
Adrian Flaherty
Alex Horswood
Alexandra Forshaw
Amy Bell
Andrew Murie
Arthouse unlimited – collaborative
Babajide Brian
Beccaartist (Rebecca Buckley)
Boon Yik Chung
Carla Cannon
Casey Cooper
Chandra Patel
Chris Cooper
Chrissie Buckthorpe
Danny O’Sullivan
David Spencer
Deborah Makinde
Drew Fox
Elinor Rowlands
Ellen Prebble
Emily Beza
Emma Watson
Fae Kilburn
Heather Hill
Hisba Brimah
Ian Wornast
IRSTEV (Ivan Stevens)
Isabelle Haythorne
Jack Churchyard
Jackie Bennett
James Alison
Jas Elbaccush
John Aitken
Joshua Madden
Juliette Goddard
Kaori Miyachi Sogabe
Kate Adams
Kate Bradbury
Kate Emblen
Katherine Brooks-Pugh
Kristina Veasey
Leroy Letts
Leslie Thompson
Linda O’Neill
Ludovic Foster
Marie-Ange Pakiry
Matthew Beadon
Matthew Hayward
Matthew Staff
Michael Rees
Mike Hughes
MoMo Roche
Nathan Wong
Nnena Kalu
Olivier Jamin
Olly Coulson
Paul Bott
Phil Stewart artivist
Phillip Knights
Pinkie Maclure
Rebecca Appleton
Richard Fletcher
Richard Whitfield
Rob Bloomfield
Roland Young
Sarah Harbott
Sew N Sew
Simon Hammond
Steven Hardy
Tanya Raabe-Webber
Theresa Walsh
Thomas Stimpson
Victoria Bowman
Wen Frank

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