Being Creative is Good for You!

First four weekends in May 2015


The Wellbeing Gallery
Brighton Health and Wellbeing Centre
18-19 Western Road


Outside In is very pleased to announce that we will once again be collaborating with The Wellbeing Gallery in Brighton this May for Artists Open Houses. The exhibition, entitled ‘Being Creative is Good For You!’ will feature thought provoking textile focused work by Outside In artists Aradne, Annika Malmqvist, Anthony Stevens and Valerie Potter.


The exhibition aims to highlight how these four artists have discovered their own personal fabric-based techniques to channel their creativity and improve their wellbeing.


Aradne has loved art from an early age. Equally drawn to primitive art as she is to paintings by Bosch or Basquiat, Aradne uses a technique that utilises the sewing machine as a drawing implement. Having taken part in Outside In’s 2014 collaboration with the Wellbeing Gallery, Aradne has also had work exhibited at Pallant House Gallery in Chichester. She says: “In a book I was reading about medieval art there was a quote: ‘art is the grandchild of God.’ I’m not religious but the importance of art to me is as vital as that quote.”


Annika Malmqivst says of the impact of creativity on her mental health and wellbeing: “I can now step out of the stigma box because of the power of creativity, and cope now with the success I have finally had.” Annika found that writing – mainly poetry – was her only escape from years spent in hospital. Ten years ago she discovered ‘free embroidery’ and since then has been in love with this medium as a form of expression.


Anthony Stevens creates Punk Rock and Buddhist inspired textiles and drawings imbued with meaning; right from the fabric he chooses to the pattern he overlays it with. There are deep, symbolic meanings hidden beneath the surface that he encourages people to search for, like the recurring stripes alluding to the distinction between life and death. He says: “To create is one of the fundamental experiences of being human. It feels so much more invigorating to create from the nuts and bolts of our own lives, than to just stagnate and consume what is made available to us.”


Valerie Potter uses embroidery as her predominant medium because it is so portable and relaxing. Self-taught, Valerie has said that her embroideries have quite simply saved her, and given her life colour, hope and beauty. “Creativity is, quite simply, the engine that drives my life. Without my creative spirit I would be nothing. It is the yellow brick road that I gladly run down to find my inner wizard and I am never disappointed.”


The exhibition will be accompanied by a series of related events, including an interactive, creative workshop led by artist and curator Jude Hart, as well as mini-workshops led by contributing artists Aradne and Anthony Stevens. In these mini-workshops, participants will have the chance to learn a new technique or simply enjoy being creative. Additionally, the Gallery shop will be selling small, affordable original and prints made by the exhibiting artists, so visitors can take some of the creativity away with them.


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Accompanying events


A Different View
a creative workshop at The Wellbeing Gallery as part of Being Creative is Good for You!
Sunday 17 May, 12.30pm – 3pm




Led by exhibiting artist Anthony Stevens, this creative workshop will introduce the idea of re-framing personal narratives using art and collage. Look for the hidden potential in the materials provided and use them to make something unique and beautiful. Throughout the process, be mindful of the skills you are utilising and if comfortable, discuss them with the rest of the group at the end of the session. Could these same skills be applied to other areas of your life? This will be a relaxed, safe and comfortable environment, and you will be encouraged to think about the creative process and how you might use similar methods in problematic areas of your life.


Machine Embroidery Taster
a creative workshop at The Wellbeing Gallery as part of Being Creative is Good for You!
Sunday 10 May, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm and 4pm
Sunday 24 May, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm and 4pm (each one-to-one slot is 40 minutes)




Each one to one session will last for forty minutes and will be run by exhibiting artist Aradne. The sessions are an opportunity for beginners or those with little experience of machine embroidery to learn a bit about the process. The sessions will start with an introduction and a demonstration from Aradne which will be followed by the chance for participants to make their own machine embroidered piece on dissolvable fabric. You can either take the finished piece away with you, or add it to the Wishing Chair. All materials will be provided.  


To book on to either of the events, please email:


Image: Annika Malmqvist, All That

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