Friday 24th May – Sunday 9th June

"We are a loose gathering of trained, self taught, mixed up, mixed nationals living in the UK and Europe who are all devoted to our craft.


The work on show at the Chapel will explore the theme of Bloodlines (Identity and Belonging).
We are we now? is a question some people are asking.  Where have we come from?  How do we see ourselves and others in a world where issues of purity of blood still exist in terms of cultural practice and social interaction?


Issues of of conflict and race continue to haunt our daily lives, along with older ideologies such as the notion of eugenics within the 20th century. 


How important is our bloodline? To some it is viewed  as a symbol of moral order.  Culturally blood can be considered as pure and cleansing/life saving or the inverse, where it is regarded as tainted, impure and staining.


Biological and medical models offer other ways in which to explore this theme, ultimately it is open to the interpretation of the artist and viewer."


Further enquirers about individual artists and their  works email: or visit Bloodlines


This exhibition is part of Fringe Arts Bath 2013



Image: Thomas Schilesser


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