Bugs of the Future Primitive: A Colouring Book

A fine art colouring book from artist Ian Pyper, featuring Future Primitive drawings of bugs in various evolutionary and transformative states, collectively and individually, rendered beautifully in black and white and awaiting their metamorphosis into vibrant works to hang upon the wall.


The book is available on pre-order from Pelekinesis in the US with an official publication date of June 3rd. The size is 7.5" x 11.25" x 0.1" (in inches).

Price via the publisher is .99 plus shipping.

Ian will be selling a limited number of Personally SIGNED copies – the UK price is £9.99 plus £2.30 P+P / US price is .30 plus .90 P+P.
Payment to Ian is via PayPal at ian.pyper1@ntlworld

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