Chaz Waldren in Raw Vision

Painting by Chaz Waldren


Raw Vision #80 features the work of Outside In artist Chaz Waldren who lives with his wife Sally in Bognor Regis and draws at a desk in his room. Written by Outside In Founder Marc Steene this article notes the reasons why Waldren creates and what inspires him.

He says: “I found creating art very relaxing and rewarding. When you do something in life it takes a long time to get a reward, it doesn’t take years to get a result unlike gardening. It takes me a while to produce a picture. Each one is different but I do like putting a lot into it. I work when the mood grabs me, evening time. I have nothing in my head, I do a squiggle here a squiggle there and it just develops”.

To see more of Waldren’s work click here. The PDF of the article is below. 

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