Collaborative Residency

We are very pleased to be collaborating with Central St Martins to match an Outside In artist and a student from Central St Martins to work together at Free Space Gallery, London, until April 2016. Outside In artist Terence Wilde and student Harrison Moore have been selected for this opportunity, where they can find inspiration in a unique health setting. 


Terence Wilde studied printed textiles at winchester School of Art, graduating in 1986 with a 1st Class Degree. Following 16 years of freelance work as a print designer in London’s West End, he retrained through Croydon’s voluntary services as an art group facilitator.


Terence currently works as an art and textiles instructor within the Occupational Therapy department at the Bethlem Royal Hospital.


Harrison Moore’s activities have two drives. First, his research into ‘relational art’ feeds his desire to make his own interventions into the societal fabric, with projects like Art of Letter Writing and Pockets realised from the direct participation of others. He often uses the camera as a tool to peer into and to record the world, as he wants to see it. Secondly, his love of ‘making’ stems from his ten-year job in construction, where he works as an electrician. Out of the tension between these drives comes his art, which is investigative and playful. Harrison has taken part in exhibitions in Europe and Asia. He currently studies at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in London.


Click here to visit Terence and Harrison's blog on the residency

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