Covid 19 – How can Outside In help?

We hope that all our artists and friends are staying safe, well and calm during these strange and uncertain times. We have been so encouraged to see that many artists are using the time of lockdown to create work and embark on special projects, however we realise that for many this must be a time of high anxiety, frustration and increased isolation.

Journey – Katy Hands

Although we have had to postpone our planned public events in the near future, we are working hard on finding other ways to exhibit art, to bring people safely together and to keep in touch, sharing support, opportunities and work in different ways.

We would love to hear from Outside In artists about the kinds of problems and concerns you are experiencing at the moment so that we can make our responses and work as relevant as possible and offer the support and advice that you need.

Please let us know the challenges you are facing:

  • Practical in terms of collecting vital supplies?
  • Isolation?
  • Lack of art materials?
  • No space for making art?
  • Accessing social media or digital platforms?
  • Health challenges?
  • Anything else

Your feedback will help us to find new ways to help Outside In artists and stay in touch.

To let us know about challenges you are facing, to arrange an appointment to discuss how we can help you or if you need help with your online gallery or to apply for an opportunity, please get in touch with Hannah Whitlock on  or 07903 028270. 

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  1. Pauline Heath

    tell of opportunities and feedback on work and way of selling it

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