Digital Call Out : Please Send Us Some Of The Work You Are Creating…

We hope that everybody is keeping as safe and well as possible in these difficult days. We are looking into new ways of sharing art as an online community and we have been so pleased to see via social media that so many artists are using this period as a time to create new work and plan specific projects. We would love to see some of the work you are currently creating and also your suggestions about positive creative ideas and ways of staying creative and productive during this time.

Nothing Knocks U Down – Donna Kuhn

If you would like to share some work with us which we can look at including on our website or sharing via social media  or to share tips or ideas for fellow artists, please send to For big files, please use or send as a link. Or if you  want to share art with us via social media please tag us @outsidein_uk and use the hashtag #shareartonline.    

Thankyou and we look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. richard downes

    i’m looking at my photo files and redressing earlier works through a process initiated by Liz Atkin on a tweeter feed #texturehuntergatherer. The process includes cropping the picture, manipulating colour, exposure and contrast and then posting for sale to my outside in gallery

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