Euward is the European Art Prize for painting and graphics, for artists who have learning difficulties. Euward have been awarding prizes to artists since 2000 by the Augustinum Foundation in Munich. This is the sixth time the competition has happened.

A jury of renowned professionals will select from the Europe-wide submissions for the best work and it will be presented in a exhibition at the Buchheim Museum in Bern Ried on Lake Starnberg. Here three winners will be awarded on the opening night of the exhibition. The winners  will all receive a cash prize, plus the publication of a catalogue (the total value of the prize is €19.000). The next award presentation will take place in November 2014.

As an art prize with international appeal,  Euward aim to recognise the work of these widely unknown outsider artists for their artistic quality. With the award, outstanding artists are promoted .

Nominated artists will be announced on from April 14, 2014,


Details for entering the prize:

  • Download an application form below.
  • You need to submit five pieces of work. You will need one form for each individual piece of artwork.
  • You will need to enter a photographic print of each work onto the form paper that is 14.8cm x 21cm.
  • This image may be reproduced in the press/publications and on the website, so it needs to be of a good quaility.
  • You must attach the image within the dotted box on the application form.
  • Finally fit out your details on the rest of the application form.


The deadline for entering is 14 March 2014


Please note that you will not be notified if you are not selected for the exhibition. 

You can apply as an individual or if you are part of an organisation then you can apply through them.


You can find more information here:


If you need help in filling out the form please get in touch, as we are more than happy to help you out or offer guidance. Please call on: 07735 568 531 or email Lucy:

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