Exploring ‘The Outside and the Inside’

The Outside and the Inside is now open at The Lightbox in Woking.  Here, curator Marc Steene outlines some of the highlights of the exhibition, which explores the theme of ‘the outside and the inside’ and the places and spaces where the artists’ work was made. For booking and further information please visit www.thelightbox.org.uk  

“The Outside and The Inside is largely drawn from two collections, the Inside Out strand of the of the Ingram Collection and the Outside In Collection, supplemented with loans from artists and private and public collections.

“The exhibition looks at commonalities and differences, exploring the collections thematically to allow audiences to gain an insight into the different motivations that inspired the artists to create their work. Highlighting the circumstances in which their art is made and the purpose of creativity in the artist’s lives, it seeks to show the importance of taking a holistic and broader approach to how we engage with and understand art.

The works in the exhibition have been chosen to reflect a range of approaches. On the Pull, by Dena, is a seductive red dress that alludes to the ring pulls it is made from and the drawing, while Walla im Russland, by August Walla, explores both his sexual and national identities. Billy Childish’s drawing, Self Portrait with Gallows Tattoo, reminds us that death is waiting for us all and Drew Fox’s powerful self-portraits also deal with mortality, his near death experience hauntingly conveyed in his photographs.

“Albert’s carefully drawn and partially erased buildings seem unreachable, a mix of home and institution, as in Building 3, and Matthew Beadon weaves fantastically delicate drawings of houses. The London Asylum looms large in the work of Nick Blinko and Loretta has recreated her flat in her work My New Transition, a safe place evoking her new life. There is little known about Professor A. Eckhoff, but his drawing of a Russian soldier celebrating the end of the Second World War is a powerful statement and equally if not more powerful are the remarkable Sterelation Drawings by Wilhelm Werner.” Marc Steene

 The exhibition runs from 26 October to 5 January at  www.thelightbox.org.uk  

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