Full Circle Arts Commissions

Full Circle Arts is looking for exciting, inspiring and extraordinary ideas for art works. Their remit is to serve as a platform for disabled artists and to campaign for inclusion and access for the disabled community to great art everywhere.


They are offering commissions of up to £5000 to mid-career disabled artists of any discipline. Collectives, organisations or partnerships are also welcome to apply, but the projects proposed must be disability led.


Artworks can be in any medium – visual art, plays, dance, film, photography. Their current interests are in creative activism and work that crosses the digital and real world spaces. 


Whatever form you work in, your idea must be: original, previously unseen/unperformed, capable of being delivered by 1 September 2016.


Applicants must submit their CV/summary of their group's previous work, and answer a short set of artistic and financial questions. 


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