Glesga Boys

Artists in Residence Edward Henry and Cameron Morgan present an exhibition of their work.


Tuesday 1 November, 4.00 – 6.00pm

Exhibition continues until 22 November 2011



Oriel Beaufort Gallery
Temple Street
Llandrindod Wells
Powys LD1 5HG
01597 822777


Cameron Morgan began working with Project Ability in Glasgow in 1991 and is a founding member of Art Trek. Morgan paints murals but his practice also encompasses drawing, photography and ceramics referencing figures in music, fiction, wrestling and his favourite films celebrating the movement and the possibilities of paint. Morgan’s imaginative skills drive the construction of his giant murals where he illustrates how to apply paint, draw a figure and depict a movement with a devoted absorption and curiosity.

Edward Henry participates in Project Ability’s ‘Aspire’ programme and is a founding member of Art Trek. Henry’s richly orchestrated painting combine bold colours and floating forms in a highly seductive method of painting. Henry displays a linear refinement in paint with clean lines and attaches fine detail to commonplace objects. Henry is faithful to his own pictorial style of flattening the surface, carefully applying the layers, adorning each painting with a gilt edge and constantly chasing new sources of inspiration. Henry’s paintings are continually dramatic and romantic and when he is not painting he enjoys opera.


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