Gypsy Revolution UK

Gypsy Revolution UK is part of an ongoing project by the artists Damian Le Bas and Delaine Le Bas. The exhibition presents new work, alongside material spanning the last twelve years.

Delaine and Damien first began working with the Museum of East Anglian Life in 2006 when they presented their Second Site exhibition as part of the museum’s ’Gypsy Arts Festival’. The following year their work took prominence in the First Roma Pavilion, Paradise Lost at the Venice Biennale.

The works presented show Damien and Delaine’s diverse artistic practice, including paintings, collage, fabric and photographic works. Both artists come from the Romany Gypsy and Travelling communities in the UK and work extensively across Europe. This exhibition will be only the second time in the last ten years that their works have been presented together here in the UK.

The exhibition deals with issues of stereotypes, marginalisation and being an ‘outsider’. A visceral theme is recycling and reclamation – both in use of materials and by an intellectual reclaiming of who their community is from the inside.

The exhibition is at The Museum of East Anglican Life (MEAL) 

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