Home Away From Home

Thompson Hall, an ActionSpace artist, has been co-commissioned by HOUSE and Outside In to produce a new series of paintings entitled Home Away From Home. Thompson, a colourist, has recently made a series of paintings based on British cities and for HOUSE 2016 will make new work to be shown at the iconic Regency Town House, Hove. 


The work for the exhibition will be inspired his feelings about Brighton and London, and will be of varying sizes. He is interested in the idea of painting windows into other worlds that exist in his mind. He has proposed that these will sit beside the windows of the Townhouse, which look out onto the streets of Brighton. Some of these representational scenes might be nightmarish: a plane crashing into a fictional metropolis, or rooms moving and melting, or they might be dreamy and peaceful: bright seaside colours, or reflections and refractions of colour. 


Thompson says of his selection: "Thanks for this opportunity to be part of the festival. I'm very excited to start doing my work. It means a lot to me as I can inspire others and be a role model."


Thompson is an ActionSpace artist. ActionSpace supports the development of artists with learning disabilities. His installation, based on the HOUSE 2016 theme 'home', will be at the Regency Townhouse, Hove from 30 April – 5 June 2016.

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