Horace Lindezey

March's Artist of the Month is Horace Lindezey, whose work will be on display in upcoming Outside In exhibition 'Radical Craft: Alternative Ways of Making' at Pallant House Gallery in collaboration with Craftspace. We've asked Horace, who is an artist at Venture Arts, a few questions about his work. Venture Arts provides a bright, lively and welcoming environment for learning disabled people to produce quality artwork.


When and how did your interest in art develop?


In 1991 I first started coming to Venture Arts and making artwork, I used to make mosaics. I made a big collage of wedding pictures, I like collecting wedding pictures from magazines. 


What influences your art?


People I see on TV like Kylie (Minogue) on neighbours. I made a dress for Kylie. I like Rudolph Walker too. I make work about my family and memories of the past like when I was at school or when I went to special occasion days with my mum.


What process do you go through when you are creating a piece (starting with the initial idea)?


I talk to my art teachers about what I want to do. Then I look at books like the Kylie album book and look up pictures on the iPad. Then I will draw the pictures.


Which artists, if any, have you drawn inspiration from?


I used to look at what my mum made, like the dresses for friends and think they were very good.


Do you have a favourite piece? If so, which one and why?


My Rudolph Walker pot that I made in my pottery class and the big tape cassette cushion that I have on my bed.  Rudolph Walker is my hero, I used to see him on 'The Crouches' and 'Eastenders' and 'Love Thy Neighbour.' I like collecting tape cassettes and I like the picture of the tape cassette that I drew and sewed onto my cushion.


What do you hope the viewer gets from your work?


I hope they are proud of it.


What has been the highlight of your artistic career?


When I had my 7 suits (artwork) in the People’s History Museum, it was a special occasion. I did a speech there with Amanda Sutton (Venture Arts Manager).


What does being a part of Radical Craft mean to you?


That will be good! I would like to see what it is all about. I would like to meet other artists and ask them questions, because my mum knows that I like to ask questions.


Has being a part of Outside In been beneficial for you? If so, how?


I sometimes look on the website to see the pictures of my work. It’s good that I will have my work in the exhibition in Chichester.


What is next for you as an artist?


I am working on the Outsider Exchanges project interviewing people about what they did at school and their memories. I will make art work about it.


Click here to see more of Horace's work

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