House 2012

HOUSE 2012 delivers a new commission by British artist David Batchelor, alongside an exhibition of his related works, in partnership with the Brighton Festival, in May 2012. HOUSE 2012 is curated by Celia Davies, Head of Programme, Photoworks.


Accompanying Batchelor’s work, HOUSE 2012 is inviting proposals from local and regional artists and curators, offering 5 new commissioning opportunities to selected artists.


Proposals are invited which make a point of connection with Batchelor’s work, the concept of art, domestic space and the everyday.

Artists will be selected for their specific response to the unique HOUSE curatorial remit: responding to the notion of the domestic in an urban landscape; the urban living spaces of street and home; inhabited spaces, both public and private. Submissions should focus on the recognisable and familiar seen in different and sometimes unfamiliar contexts and drawing attention to the often overlooked.


David Batchelor's is an artist and writer. His work takes sheer delight in the many brilliant hues of the modern urban environment. He combines everyday items, such as plastic pound shop and trashy market products with a range of light-industrial materials: commercial lightboxes, neon tubing, warehouse dollies, to produce extraordinary installations which celebrate the ordinary, the lurid and trashy whilst being, themselves, mesmerisingly beautiful.
Batchelor has exhibited widely in the UK, Europe, America and Asia, including Moma, New York, Bienal De San Paulo, Tate Britain and The Folkestone Triennial.


HOUSE 2012 will provide £3,000 for each selected proposal (subject to funding- outcome known in early January 2012), to include: fee, materials, labour and installation costs for the final project to be exhibited during May 2012. Selected projects will also be asked to include an artist’s talk.

All projects should be either housed in and respond to a specific domestic space, or relate directly to the given theme. Domestic locations need to be resourced and confirmed by the artists/curators.


The selected proposals will be developed in consultation with Celia Davies, Curator HOUSE 2012 and Assistant Curator, Clare Sheppeard, for presentation and exhibition in May 2012.


All selected proposals will be promoted by HOUSE 2012, to include: publicity, print, website, marketing, PR and media costs.

All selected HOUSE projects MUST be open for the four weekends of the May festival, from 11.00 – 5.00 pm each day. This is to provide continuity of access for visitors throughout the festival.


Submission Information
All submissions should include the following information in order to be fully considered:
-Astatementofnomorethan1,000words,describing the concept of your exhibition proposal and demonstrating how this relates to the theme of HOUSE 2012.
-CV relating to curator(s)and artist(s)involved in your project.
-An outline budget, demonstrating how you will apportion the £3000 commission fee.
-Up to 10 images relating to your project proposal. This may be supplied digitally providing that it can be easily emailed, or as images of artwork. Please do not send any original material.


Please also provide:
a lead named contact for your project
email address
phone number
postal address


Deadline for Submissions:
Friday 6th January 2012
Submissions should be sent to:
or posted to:
HOUSE 2012 6 Clifton Street Brighton BN1 3PH

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